Practice Management

Take a consumer-oriented approach to your billing cycle

August 14, 2020

ByJordan Rosenfeld

The three main areas where physicians can focus their billing practices.

5 ways primary care physicians can make their practices LGBTQ+ friendly

August 14, 2020

ByMark Leondires, MD|Logan Lutton

With the number of LGBTQ+ families set to rise at historic rates in the near future, it’s time for physicians to make their practices more inclusive and welcoming to the specific needs of the community.

A financial and operational checkup for physicians

August 12, 2020

ByMark Claster|Ari J. Markenson

It’s critical that healthcare providers understand how to better prepare, operationally and financially, for the next outbreak.

Why my new practice is devoted to reversing chronic disease

August 12, 2020

ByJoseph E. Scherger, MD, MPH|Arnel Sator, MS, PTA

Restore Health is devoted to reversing chronic disease and getting patients off medications.

The biggest challenges facing physicians

August 07, 2020

ByTodd Shryock

The pandemic, burnout, and financial woes are top of mind for many doctors, but what do they mean long-term for medicine?

ACP commends new Medicare fee schedule

August 05, 2020

ByKeith A. Reynolds

The organization say the changes to payments for offices visits will help physicians and practices.