Coronavirus case numbers in the United States: AUGUST 10 update

August 10, 2020

Data from the COVID tracking project on coronavirus cases, test results and more.

How can practices inform patients that they offer telehealth services?

August 10, 2020

Russell Libby, MD, says text messages, emails, and website postings let patients know telehealth services are available.

How to restore physician autonomy

August 09, 2020

Survey results show that a lack of autonomy often is to blame for their frustration. But what does physician autonomy mean in today’s health care world?

Overcome your bias blind spots to better help patients

August 08, 2020

Analyze what advantages and resources we have as physicians to help mitigate racial disparities.

How telemedicine became the most essential business in America today

August 07, 2020

Finding the telemedicine platform that is the right fit.