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Telehealth patients often don't follow up on testing: ©AngelLodeco -
Patients less likely to complete diagnostic testing after telehealth visit compared to in-person visit

November 28th 2023

Difference in completion rates between in-person visits and telehealth visits was stark

physician doctor patient in medical office: © sebra -
Benefits of blending population health and hyper-local health barrier strategies to address SDOH

November 27th 2023

Preventive care visits increase: ©Goodluz
Preventive care visits surge, especially among Medicare beneficiaries

November 27th 2023

Greater diversity is needed in clinical trials: ©Sean Locke Photography -
Diversity in research: How to improve representation in clinical trials

November 22nd 2023

Americans are both influenced by - and concerned about -- misinformation: ©Yeti Studio -
Almost half of Americans say their decisions about COVID-19 were affected by misinformation

November 21st 2023

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