Joe Rivet, Esq., CPC


CMS resumes practice audits

If your organization is selected for an audit, remember that you have options.

Jerome Fusco Sax, LLP


Often overlooked factors when selling a practice that can leave money on the table

How do partners ensure a successful outcome when selling their medical practice?

Ada Saper


How Singular Wealth Management focuses on the unique needs of physicians

When it comes to financial planning, physicians have different concerns that most individuals.

Shannon Hastings


Taming the wild telehealth frontier

Successful implementation and integration of these technologies will be critical for practices to realize their true benefit

Jian Joyner


Not screening for anxiety? Costs and solutions

For most patients, anxiety treatment begins with a visit to their primary care physician.

Noah Nordheimer


Why we need equitable access to physical and mental health care for all

Overworked primary care physicians are a stopgap in a national mental health crisis. It’s time for insurance companies to shoulder their fair share of the load.

Carmen A. Peralta, MD, MAS, FASN


Advancing kidney care: How a focus on prevention can fight a silent epidemic

Screening is the imperative for early detection that can lead to better outcomes for patients.

Lissy Hu, MD, MBA


Connecting ambulatory providers to the full care continuum

Using care coordination technology can save time and money, improve patient outcomes

Nicholas Pennings, DO, FOMA


How physicians can support behavioral changes with a motivational interview

Helping patients take the next step on making healthy choices.

Manny Krakaris


The ethical adoption of AI in healthcare: A proactive approach

Responsible application of AI is crucial, especially when the health and well-being of people are at stake.

David Gallegos


The COVID Reset: Reimagining health care delivery and reimbursement

Pandemic shows how value-based care can benefit everyone

Luka Yancopoulos


Independent practices should unleash the potential of collective buying in modern health care

By joining forces with other independent practices, purchasing medical supplies can be simplified and result in cost savings.

Billy Wang


Transition into the post-COVID era: Evolving physician practices and expectations

For many physician practices, changes presumed to be temporary may become more permanent

Lindsay Kaiser


How health care organizations can benefit from R&D tax credit

Don’t overlook the variety of activities that can qualify for the R&D credit

Jamie Malone, CFP®, CPA, CFA


Young doctors: Do you have adequate insurance coverage?

Why physicians need to understand and insure the gap between earning potential and net worth.

Alex Harrington


5 tips for defending against ransomware attacks

Pratices and hospitals focus on training employees against social engineering attacks. But they risk leaving themselves open to attacks that exploit network software vulnerabilities.

Michael Giusti, MBA


How the 2024 elections could impact health insurance coverage

If you think this year is a big deal because of the presidential election, check out what’s projected for Medicare in 2028.

Marc Franks


3 things to address to ensure a stable supply chain for your practice

Even as we begin to envision a post-pandemic future, continuing backlogs and unsustainable workarounds and rising international turmoil supply fresh evidence that supply-chain fragility is untenable.

Robert McDermott, MD


The rise in pollen is spiking allergy and asthma hospitalizations and impacting the economy

Spring has sprung, so it’s time for physicians to help patients feel better, maintain quality of life, and keep working.

Blake Farmer, Nashville Public Radio


Medical boards pressured to let it slide when doctors spread COVID-19 misinformation

Stopping some doctors from sharing unsound medical advice has proved challenging. Even defining misinformation has been difficult. And during the pandemic, resistance from some state legislatures is complicating the effort.

Geeta Nayyar, MD, MBA


Health misinformation is killing patients. Here’s what physicians can do.

The problem calls for systemic changes and individual actions

BJ Schaknowski, MBA


Solving health care’s financial burden amid economic uncertainty

Leaders look to software for solutions that will lead to better patient care.

Mindy Kolof


Now arriving: The new generation of concierge physicians

They are determined to practice medicine their way.

Shawn Dickerson


Why cybersecurity education is key to protecting your medical practice

Cyberattacks on healthcare networks have increased exponentially in recent years, but there are steps to protect your practice.

Thomas Sandgaard, MBA


Doctors need new approaches to pain management

Opioid epidemic demonstrates importance of alternative therapies for managing pain