Raki K. Pai, MD


Six strategies to mitigate provider burnout

Physicians must lead a team effort to generate support at every level of the organization.

Mohamed H. Nabulsi, Esq


The recent uptick in False Claims Act investigations explained

The rise is related to the HRSA Uninsured Program.

Deborah M. Shlian, MD, MBA


Women continue to make gains in medicine, but much work remains to be done

Author points to lack of women in leadership roles throughout the industry as a major area in need of improvement.

Rosanna Guardavaccaro


Financial literacy can help the medical community

The public generally does not think of physicians as being financially stressed, but in many instances that is the case.

Samuel Giordano, MD


Passive real estate investment: The benefits for physicians

How passive real estate investing can help physicians earn income and a better state of mind.

Summerpal Kahlon, MD


The COVID Reset: Reimagining health care delivery and reimbursement

Pandemic shows how value-based care can benefit everyone

Christopher Dodd, M.D.


How primary care physicians can use home-based care models to reach rural populations

Success requires using home care team as extension of physician’s practice

A. Hadi Chaudhry


Revolutionizing healthcare: How cloud-based technology is changing the game

Cloud computing has revolutionized how healthcare providers deliver treatment and manage their data.

Troy Trygstad, PharmD, PhD, MBA


We must use the vaccination infrastructure we already have

Pharmacy and Primary Care have been dramatically under-allocated COVID-19 vaccinations when compared to influenza distribution and administration.

Joe Nicholson, DO


Reduce the risk of moving toward risk

Experienced partners can help guide organizations through the quality contract options that best match their strengths and goals.

Ronald Grifka, MD


Five trends for health systems in 2023

Adaptability and flexibility will be needed to deal with for challenges next year.

Michael Wagner, MD


The road to real value-based care

The time has come for primary care to drive the innovative change in health care delivery and financing.

Gregory Kolovich, M.D.


Doctors must have robust online presence to meet today’s patients’ expectations

Savvy physicians are using social media to establish trust, build patient loyalty

Jason Warrelman


How AI-powered automation supports health care workers and improves patient care

Technology can streamline administrative tasks, freeing clinicians to spend more time for patients

Andreas Stargard, Esq.


Why antitrust enforcement will matter to your practice in 2021 and beyond

There are some persuasive incentives for your practice to consider implementing or reviewing its antitrust compliance right now.

Darilyn Moyer, MD, MACP


America needs a national strategy to invest in primary care

Patients around the country are being shut out of better health. It’s time to open wide the front door to care.

Lulu Zappy


Business resolutions for health care business owners

The new year is an important time when many business owners hit the refresh button and look for opportunities to change and improve their practice or company.

Max Schloemann


Strategies for specialty surgeons to minimize increasing insurance premiums

The importance of implementing proactive strategies to mitigate risks and reduce premium impacts.

Andrew E. Colsky, JD


A physician’s guide to a mentally healthy workplace

With stressful conditions increasing and mental health decreasing, what is a primary care physician to do?

Mary Caffrey


Confronting the Variance in Cancer Care Cost: An Interview With Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP

Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP, the former CMS administrator, discusses cost variation in cancer care found through the digital classification system the COTA Nodal Address.

Ashley Mitek


Tech innovation can mitigate physician burnout

The ongoing COVID-19 global health emergency has pushed physicians to a breaking point. But physician burnout has more to it than just the huge workload that COVID-19 has brought with it and the difficult decisions that need to be made.

Judy Stewart


Realizing a society free of vaccine-preventable diseases

The pandemic underscored the incredible power of vaccination.

Jade L. Bedell


Automated scheduling turns cancellations into revenue

You can revolutionize your practice and save money by using technology.

Charles Anastos


3 things to address to ensure a stable supply chain for your practice

Even as we begin to envision a post-pandemic future, continuing backlogs and unsustainable workarounds and rising international turmoil supply fresh evidence that supply-chain fragility is untenable.