Cory Cramer


A retail investor mistake to avoid

Not understanding what business ‘quality’ means can be costly

Tia Powell, M.D.


The ethics of reopening amidst COVID-19

We have seen enormous tension across the country when it comes to two important goals: protecting population health, and protecting economic health.

Jeff Schill


Self-awareness and empathy are keys to reducing violence in health care settings

Learning to manage emotions and recognize needs of others lessens the tension that causes aggressive behavior

David B. Nash, MD


Why Workforce Development for Value-Based Care is a Vital Issue to Address

The key enabler for the future of our industry is workforce readiness to deliver on the promise of high value, high quality care that delivers equitable outcomes for all.

John Fox, PhD


Enough with the acronyms – physicians and patients need more honest stories

Through storytelling we can create empathy and earn trust.

Arnel Sator, MS, PTA


Why my new practice is devoted to reversing chronic disease

Restore Health is devoted to reversing chronic disease and getting patients off medications.

Garrett Duyck


Consult with your top investment adviser: your spouse

Being on the same page as your spouse is absolutely critical to investing and relationship success.

Jen Shaw


When Selecting An ECG, One Size Does Not Fit All

To help physicians keep their clinics running smoothly, there are a few key things to remember when choosing the right ECG for their practice.

Hafiz Qurashi, MBBS, MD


It Wasn't All COVID-19: Resident Distress and Reasons for It Among Different Specialties During the Pandemic

Traditional stresses of residency training were subjected to the demands of the pandemic.

Robin Farmanfarmaian


Who pays for technology advancements in health care

Software that boosts patient care is great, but who is going to foot the bill?

Abhishek Khandelwal


Could technology make health care more human?

Or have the divisive opinions of the health care community left this question unanswered?

Alan Tam


How AI can help federally qualified health centers improve quality scores

How AI can be used to activate patients to make important wellness appointments, such as cancer screenings.

Karen Schechter, RHIA, MBA, CMPE


How to address the shortage of health care workers

Understand the various contributing factors of the shortages so you can make the adjustments needed to alleviate the problem.

Dr. Krishna Bhatta


How to become a better communicator and negotiator in 2022

Some of the essential characteristics of being a good communicator are to be concise, specific, pleasant, approachable, and most of all, to be a good listener.

Josh Brown, M.D.


Concierge medicine is not an all-or-nothing proposition

Concierge medicine is simply better medicine all around — and I didn’t have to abandon my patients.

Tabinda Saleem, MD


It Wasn't All COVID-19: Resident Distress and Reasons for It Among Different Specialties During the Pandemic

Traditional stresses of residency training were subjected to the demands of the pandemic.

Chetan Parikh


Why physicians must act now to address outpatient documentation challenges

Big changes to Medicare coding guidelines outpatient evaluation and management services haven taken effect.

Clark Lagemann


Why Personalizing Care is Essential to Patient Engagement Success

Content and interactions tailored to address unique individual choices and preferences create long-lasting healthy outcomes and drive habit changes.

Jock Putney


How artificial intelligence can help primary care doctors—and their patients

AI has ability to streamline practice workflow, improve patient engagement

Heath Sampson


Strengthening relationships with underserved communities is key to improving health care equity

It's up to providers, payers and health care institutions to bring underserved groups into the system to improve health outcomes

Catherine Welford Varney, DO


The economic costs of obesity

How to overcome the rising costs of obesity

Hung Ecklund, MD


AI will improve care in these three areas

With physician shortages predicted, computers will help patients by improving doctors’ efficiency.

Ryan K. Cochran


Patient Monitoring Services Need Increased Scrutiny to Prevent False Claims Act Enforcement Action

Knowing the details of how and where your service provider operates is vital to avoiding violations.

Mazi Rasulnia, PhD, MPH, MBA


Addressing differences in patient engagement across racial and ethnic groups

There are interesting differences in the ways patients of varying ethnicities and races engage with technology.

Jill Warren


Strategies to keep patients actively engaged with primary care providers

Americans are changing how they use health care. Now is the time for primary care to rebuild relationships with them.

Joseph Rivet


Common Legal Mistakes Physician’s Make in Their First Employment Agreement

It is imperative to carefully review these documents before signing.

Vincent A. Cantone, MD, FAAP, FACP


The state of the business of medicine today

The ‘business of medicine’ sounds like a contradiction of terms.

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