James Enriquez


Tax benefits of the CARES Act for medical practices

Understanding your net operating losses is key to claiming tax benefits for your practice.

Frank McGillin


Why specialty care outcomes depend on virtual access to expertise

Difficulties accessing virtual care and support remain a barrier to the best care for patients facing complex conditions.

Yi-Ju Chen, MD


It Wasn't All COVID-19: Resident Distress and Reasons for It Among Different Specialties During the Pandemic

Traditional stresses of residency training were subjected to the demands of the pandemic.

Jolie Apicella, JD


Examining post-pandemic telehealth fraud risks

During and after the COVID-19 public health emergency, expect vigilance by federal regulators.

Carm Huntress


How AI can help physicians with pre-encounter medical record analysis

It’s absolutely vital that primary care physicians are equipped with the right tools to optimize their limited time with patients.

Thomas E. Sullivan, M.D.


Improve medication adherence with technology

One-fourth of new prescriptions are never filled — and even when filled, up to 50% of patients with chronic conditions fail to take their medications as prescribed.

Briana Contreras


Consumer price inflation is, for once, outpacing medical care costs

Health spending and medical care prices typically outpace growth of the overall economy, but not recently.

Austin Klein


Should COVID-19 usher in the age of personal responsibility in healthcare?

True population health change will not occur until people are incentivized to take responsibility for their own health.

Pamela Kohl


Financing for medical practices: Four options

If you do not have any collateral to secure a medical practice loan, then you’ll need to apply for unsecured financing.

Colin Zhu, DO


How to change the broken healthcare system

Will the health system battered by the pandemic emerge more vital in the year ahead?

David Robinson, CFP


SECURE Act is a game-changer for estate planning

As a result of changes from the SECURE Act, for the tax benefit of the entire family, parents with highly appreciated retirement accounts may want to re-think bequests.

Jeremy Shiner


E-Prescription mandates: How to comply without hurting your bottom line

In January 2022, many states passed legislation required e-prescribing for controlled substances.

Chris Larkin


Provider Data Exchange: Why Digital Dominates

If your practice is still using paper-based fax or combining traditional and digital fax communications, you are not alone, but you are behind.

Matthew A. Benzoni


Beyond the federal anti-kickback statute

Providers can face criminal penalties under The Federal Travel Act & EKRA, too.

Steven Lane, M.D.


Progress toward interoperability is gaining momentum

Approval of first TEFCA applicants marks important milestone in drive for universal data-sharing

Mitchell Huebner, M.D.


How concierge medicine saved my life

Concierge medicine has allowed me to decrease my stress level from crushing and hopeless to busy but manageable.

Robert Fields, MD


COVID-19 Shines Light on How Healthcare Is Leaving At-risk Populations Behind 

While we take stock of successes and failures, we are once again reminded that the US healthcare system isn’t built for everyone.

Ari J. Markenson


A financial and operational checkup for physicians

It’s critical that healthcare providers understand how to better prepare, operationally and financially, for the next outbreak.

Peter Angood, MD


Physician leadership is needed now more than ever

Today’s health care environment presents outstanding opportunities for physicians to develop lasting improvements in care delivery by demonstrating and providing leadership.

Trevor Cabrera


Locum tenens explained

Shifting the mindsight behind how we practice medicine.

Daniel R. Jasper, M.D.


Time well spent: Reflections on seven years as a concierge physician

For me, launching a private membership practice proved to be an ideal solution.

Randy Sadler


Stayin’ alive: How private practices can survive regulatory risk and fines

Regulatory violations can lead to substantial fines which severely impact a practice’s financial stability.

David Feldman, MD, MBA, FACS


Why medication safety is a problem and what providers can do about it

With the right medication management, physicians can make a difference

Zack Tisch


What the Great Resignation Means for healthcare IT

The Great Resignation has rocked healthcare more than most sectors of the economy.

Arun B. Jesudian, MD


Arun B. Jesudian, MD: Advice for Primary Care Physicians

A key opinion leader provides advice for primary care physicians/providers treating patients with hepatic encephalopathy.

Peter Wehrwein


The case for paying primary care more than specialists

While a specialist can help people who are already ill, primary care doctors can help people from becoming ill.

Jeff Wells, MD, MBA


Finally, a model that puts primary care first

Physicians and employers are tired of waiting for the government to fix health care. So they came together and fixed it themselves.

Joel Theisen


How health care can fix its customer satisfaction problem

Health care ultimately must be about customer care.

Abdul J. Roberts, Esq.


Coding audits 101: How physicians can prepare

Recent trends in medical audits and what physicians can expect.

Thomas S. Ziering, M.D., FAAFP


Serving patients, sleeping better

How I transitioned my family practice to concierge medicine.

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