Phil Giarth


The benefits of automated EHR data extraction

How extracting continuity of care data can close care gaps and improve physician connectivity

Kristen Jacobsen


Understand patient expectations to foster loyalty

What delights patients and what leaves them wanting more?

Edward J. Beltran


Healthier providers, healthier patients: Understanding stress to improve DEI and patient outcomes

The COVID-19 pandemic may fade, but stress is not going away. Here’s a way to assist the workforce.

Florian Hillen


Practical AI and the future of medical care

Technology can help bridge the divide between medical and dental health

Heidi Steiner


If hospitals want to cut readmission rates, do a better job teaching patients about self-care

A fundamental reason why hospitals consistently fall short on readmissions is a failure to empower and educate patients.

Gauri Puri


Revenue cycle management 2.0: The key to successful healthcare finance

To improve performance and meet new challenges, healthcare providers need to blend the next generation of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) with traditional patient care.

Sheetal Chawla


Could technology make health care more human?

Or have the divisive opinions of the health care community left this question unanswered?

Gwen Mergian


Health technology eases anxiety in patients with chronic conditions, study finds

All technology interventions substantially improved mental health, but those supported by physicians and other providers were shown to be most effective.

Edward “JR” Humphreys, CFA, CAIA


Preferred stocks: Have your cake and eat it too

Preferred stocks are something of a bond-stock hybrid. They don’t rise as much as common stocks, but they also don’t fall as much.

Rob Schile


Amid disruption, how do we "future proof" health care?

The pandemic’s profound impact on the industry has only heightened with staffing shortages and health care legislation complexities.

Yousuf Zafar, MD, MHS, FASCO


The Power of data and working together to solve health crisis

Healthcare professionals and policy makers must act, as we go from the crisis phase of the pandemic, to managing an ongoing public health risk.

Michael Meucci
Michael Meucci


How the health care data supply chain can help Medicaid

Medicaid programs can become more data-driven in their decision-making to drive better performance and more equity in value-based agreements.

Manik Bhat, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Healthify


Funding community efforts to address social determinants of health

Now, more than ever, health care organizations need to develop sustainable partnerships within their communities

Amanda Hansen, president, AdvancedMD


The top 12 indicators for measuring and driving medical practice revenue

The 12 most important KPIs for driving revenue and improving the financial stability of your practice.

David Smith


The benefits and challenges of implementing remote patient monitoring

RPM has potential to reduce costs and workload, but reimbursement and ease of use obstacles remain

Shirley H. Lee, CRNP-FNP, MPH


Capturing specialty practice revenue

Three tips and tricks for practices looking to boost the bottom line.

Tony Little, ND


FTC action on PBMs could be just what the doctor ordered to improve patient outcomes

A primer on prescription drug prices, pharmacy benefit managers, government action, and why physicians need to be heard.

Michael Parisi


Cyber security risk growing for small medical practices

Hackers are targeting health practices of all size.

Roni Berlin, BSHCM, CPC, CPB


Top 5 coding mistakes that cause practices to lose revenue

To prevent your practice from losing this revenue, avoid these five common coding mistakes.

Mary Tolan


Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize healthcare

For healthcare, blockchain can be used for payment processing, but it can also improve interoperability, track claims processing, or develop and maintain provider directories.

Patty Riskind, MBA


Digital automation: A must for PCPs to win

Online options are convenient for patients and even can lead to better in-person care.

Dessiree Paoli


Will the healthcare transformation sparked by COVID-19 be permanent?

Everyone acknowledges the healthcare transformation was overdue long before 2020, but the pandemic forced the issue.

Inga Shugalo


Select medical software based on your practice’s life cycle stage

Though providers probably can use any type of medical software, the financial resources they are able to invest in medical solutions differ significantly based on the type of practice.

Ron Southwick


Patients warm to billing reminders via text messages

Survey also reveals preference for online payment options

Lynn Fryckberg


Business resolutions for health care business owners

The new year is an important time when many business owners hit the refresh button and look for opportunities to change and improve their practice or company.

Gerry Miller


Healthcare’s cloud journey

The past 18 months have proven that healthcare needs the cloud.

Randall Curnow Jr., MD, MBA


Remote patient monitoring needs clinical intervention to ensure success

As any competent clinician will tell you, having data is only one part of the equation. A clinician must also be able to intervene efficiently and effectively.

Julianne F. Andrews, MBA, CFP, AIF


Five benefits you can receive from donor-advised funds

What physicians need to know about donor-advised funds

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