Jonathan Bumgarner, JD


A new focus on workplace violence at healthcare settings

Physicians and other health care workers are uniquely and disproportionately at risk of workplace violence.

Michael Joyce, CFA, CFP


What to consider if your private practice is an acquisition target

Physicians need to conduct a careful analysis of multiple factors before considering an acquisition by a health system or other buyer.

H. John Beardsley


The 3 critical places where patients need support with their medications

Studies consistently show patients’ health outcomes are connected to their ability to access, afford and adhere to their medications.

Christopher O.L.H. Porter


Physicians, don’t lead alone: Teamwork and forward-thinking imperative during pandemic

Contrary to what some believe, leaders shouldn’t go at crisis management alone

Michael Foley, CFP, CSLP


4 critical student loan concepts to know during tax season

What physicians with student loans need to know.

Jennifer Meller, MD


Solving physician burnout through patient engagement

Engaging with patients to improve their health can help reduce burnout

Bruce Shulan


COVID-19 and malpractice lawsuits: What the future may hold

COVID-19 is prompting significant changes to malpractice laws and regulations at the state and federal levels.

Giuliana Grossi


Can mindfulness-oriented recovery reduce opioid abuse and pain?

Mindfulness-oriented recovery enhancement is unlike other mindfulness-based treatments and was found superior to supportive group psychotherapy for treating opioid misuse and pain.

Adam Grossman, MBA


What do we mean by value-based care?

Consumers and health care providers often define the term differently. But the focus for both groups should be on health maintenance and disease prevention.

Pooja Goel


Ready or not: 3 big changes coming for primary care physicians

Even before the pandemic, primary care was complicated. Now it’s even more so.

George Kramb


Will the rise of telehealth continue post-pandemic?

Over the past year, the rise in telehealth services — as well as the continued spread of COVID-19 variants — has left many patients and PCPs wondering as to whether or not these services will continue expanding in the months, or even years, to come.

Emily F. Peters


Enough with the acronyms – physicians and patients need more honest stories

Through storytelling we can create empathy and earn trust.

Kathleen Cassidy, JD


Get your estate planning done now

There are plenty of reasons for people to get their estate planning done despite, or even because of, potential future changes from Congress.

Keith Algozzine


How virtual care benefits both patients and health care providers

Patients like convenience and easy access to care, providers see reduction in no-show rate

Meghan McManama, DNP, DipACLM


Whole-person health is the key to reducing disparities and driving patient trust

As we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic and its long-term consequences, it is more important than ever for providers to build trust with patients.

Nancy Reau, MD


Nancy Reau, MD: Challenges of ICD10 Coding on Patients with HE

An expert physician considers the challenges that arise with ICD10 coding in delivering care for patients with hepatic encephalopathy and risk adjustment.

Jay Moore, MD


How can we help patients catch up on preventive care?

Doctors need to address patients’ worries about costs

Dan Morhaim, MD


Advance care directives can prevent wrongful death lawsuits

There’s a surge in a new type of litigation: “wrongful life” lawsuits. These lawsuits emerge when hospitals and clinicians don’t bother to obtain or choose to ignore a patient’s documented care planning wishes.

Lindsay Standeven, MD


Not screening for anxiety? Costs and solutions

For most patients, anxiety treatment begins with a visit to their primary care physician.

Neil Baum, MD


How to tell if your practice has been hacked

Being hacked can create havoc in your practice and harm your ability to provide healthcare to your patients.

Sterling N. Ransone, Jr., MD, FAAFP


How do we address the nation’s mental health crisis?

Effective treatment requires coordinating primary, behavioral health care

Aadil Zaman


Stock market insights for physician investors in 2023

At the start of each year, everyone is clamoring to figure out what the next 12 months will be like when it comes to the stock market and investment outlook.

Steve Wise


Lessons Learned from the Universal Health Services Cyber Attack

Healthcare providers of all sizes must ensure they are doing their due diligence to protect their networks and their patients.

Shawn Miele


5 ways to improve your practice’s digital marketing efforts in 2022

The need for a consistent and professional digital marketing strategy is universal.

Simon Douglas Murray, M.D.


Why I love being a primary care physician

When I read about the plight of primary care doctors and their widespread dissatisfaction with their profession, I remember Dr. William Vroom.

Harold Edward Bays, MD, FOMA, FTOS, FACC, FNLA, FASPC


Weight Loss and Patient Support

Closing thoughts regarding the increasing burden of overweight and obesity in the United States, and recommendations for supporting patients who are taking a proactive role in managing their weight.

Dr. Abi Sundaramoorthy


Integrating mental and behavioral health in specialty care

Our health system is too siloed to recognize patient problems that might cross specialties.

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