Marlene Sheehy, RN


How to support team members: 3 lessons from the Great Resignation

A large number of healthcare workers have left the medical field — leaders need to focus on caring for their staff.

Jim Durkin


Patients may require different types of post-pandemic reassurances before seeking care

As restrictions are lifted and the threat of Covid wanes, the medical community will need to work hard to encourage patients to reengage and seek care.

Joy Matak, JD, LLM


Often overlooked factors when selling a practice that can leave money on the table

How do partners ensure a successful outcome when selling their medical practice?

Nikki Henck


3 ways prior authorization transformation will change health care

The recent CMS regulations will truly transform the PA process, both by requiring real-time data exchange and transparency in communication of how a decision was made.

Kyle Ryan


3 strategies to protect your practice from cyberattacks

Health care data breaches were up sharply in 2022. Here's how to keep your practice safe from attacks.

Tej D. Azad


Do no harm – The imperative for purposeful AI regulation in health care

How do we regulate AI purposefully to ensure that it enhances rather than hinders the practice of medicine?

Jeff Witz, CFP


Disability insurance can be costly, but likely worth the added expense

The most valuable asset a physician has is their ability to practice.

Mike Hennessy Jr.


Celebrating 100 years of serving physicians

For a publication to survive and thrive for a century puts us in rarified air. How do you celebrate such an event?

Alan Cohen


AI can create surgical equity and unlock the future of medicine

Surgical navigation is on the verge of a huge leap forward as technology augments human skill.

Richard F. Cahill, JD


Telehealth tips: Safeguarding your medical practice

Is your practice following proper protocols when it comes to telehealth?

Jon Wasson


Ready or not, interoperability is coming

Providers, health care organizations need to make sure their systems are able to exchange data electronically

Lari Rutherford


When Selecting An ECG, One Size Does Not Fit All

To help physicians keep their clinics running smoothly, there are a few key things to remember when choosing the right ECG for their practice.

Richard Lopez del Rincon, Senior Vice President, Office-Based Physicians at R1 RCM


Why Proactive Consumer Financial Engagement is Essential Post COVID-19

Tips detailing how your practice can ensure it delivers the consumer experience patients are demanding.

Samir Damani, M.D.


Remote patient monitoring: a boon to primary care

Technology has potential to reduce hospital readmissions, improve patient outcomes

Evan R. Goldfischer, MD


CMS must level playing field for independent physicians

Independents have more credibility with patients, but less reimbursement than hospitals, despite the same inflationary challenges.

Khaliq Siddiq, M.D.


A deep dive into the intersection between primary and culturally competent care

Integrating cultural competence into primary care is essential for addressing the unique needs of diverse populations, especially in underserved communities.

Osman Minkara


5 retirement-planning challenges for physician-owned practices — and 5 solutions

Recent events have made it even more challenging for physicians to forecast and plan for their retirements.

Graham Hughes, MD


Can AI rescue physicians from their EHR woes?

The next frontier of software to reduce physicians’ documentation burdens

Ashul Govil, MD, MBA


Digital health tools propel chronic condition management to a new age of care

Because what happens in the doctor's office is only one piece of the puzzle.

Christopher Gallo


Captive insurance safeguards patient privacy in medical practices

In the context of small and midsize private medical practices, captive insurance can offer significant benefits for data privacy and security.

John Reinhardt, MD


How to successfully outsource chronic care management at a small practice

Successfully implementing a CCM program starts with laying the operational groundwork.

Dan Santmyer, FSA, MAAA


Shared savings: The primary care physician's entry point to value-based care

Value-based models are designed to reward health care providers who improve patient care while contributing to an overall reduction in cost.

Nancy Jones


Patient Monitoring Services Need Increased Scrutiny to Prevent False Claims Act Enforcement Action

Knowing the details of how and where your service provider operates is vital to avoiding violations.

Thomas Ryan


To protect patient access to care, Medicare must up its reimbursement rates

There's one sector of the economy where prices are growing much more slowly: health care.

Amanda Hill, JD


Contract negotiation best practices for physicians

Tips and best practices for physicians when negotiating contracts, including employment contracts, business deals and more, brought to you by health care attorney and contracts expert Amanda Hill, JD.

Gary Salman


Protecting your medical practice from a devastating cyberattack

Can you afford to close your doors for 2-3 weeks while a cyberattack is investigated and remediation is performed?

AlGene P. Caraulia


10 tips for responding to patients in an emotional or behavioral crisis

Being empathetic and respectful are keys to defusing potentially dangerous situations with patients