Karen Weintraub


Harnessing the power of AI to protect health care integrity

Using artificial intelligence to fight fraud, waste, abuse and error could have profound effects on primary care practices.

Troy Williams


How direct-to-employer contracting can benefit primary care physicians in private practice

When done correctly, doctors become the ‘quarterback’ leading a patient care team.

Leon Lerman


Cybersecurity poised to take center stage at HIMSS21

The increased volume of ransomware, data breaches and other attacks that started during the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten patient, data and medical device safety.

Lisa Taylor


Interoperability plays a crucial role in medical billing

In many cases, medical billing, payer denials and the ability to connect platforms are initially overlooked in their importance for physicians to get paid correctly, efficiently and accurately the first time

Brian Steele, MD


Fighting burnout through value-based care

Incentivizing doctors based on patient outcomes rather than volume alleviates many causes of burnout

Willy Leichter


The tech savvy physician: 3 steps to protect your practice from ransomware

A recent survey found that 73% of health systems, including hospital and physician organizations, reported their data infrastructures are unprepared to respond to attacks.

George M. Sanders, J.D.


How practices can negotiate with a competing hospital

Not all hospitals and physicians are locked in mortal combat from which only one will emerge. In many instances, it can be beneficial for independent physician groups and hospitals to work together.

Ryan Howard


Your doctor will (remotely) see you now

Medicare’s new rules created a $30 billion market overnight.

Wayne Singer


What specialists must do now to succeed in MIPS

As quality measures grow stricter, choosing the best ones to report and incorporating measurements into workflow are more important than ever

Scott Cullen, MD


Unlocking Hope: overcoming the behavioral crisis in children and adolescents through digital transformation

Primary care physicians are in position to connect young patients to appropriate mental health resources. Here’s what you need to know.

Kristen Backor, PhD


Transition into the post-COVID era: Evolving physician practices and expectations

For many physician practices, changes presumed to be temporary may become more permanent

Eric Galvin


In-home services will play a major role in primary care’s future

Aging population, escalating costs drive demand for care at home, but challenges remain

Shane Peng, MD


The tech savvy physician: The hidden burdens of telehealth

Although much of the discourse around telehealth rightfully focuses on its benefits, the potential drawbacks and limitations are often glossed over, particularly around provider burden

Nagi Prabhu


Use AI to Improve Administrative Operations First

Don’t worry, AI probably won’t replace the doctor any time soon

Eric King


The power of POCUS: accurate, portable, ultrasound is here

Health care is rife with issues, but advances in medical imaging can be a solution for some of them.

Aubrey Westgate


Five ways to better manage workplace conflict

To help ensure you know exactly how to handle workplace conflict at your medical practice, we asked an expert to weigh in.

Taylor Ross


3 real-life examples of how coding automation improves primary care practices

Are you leaving money on the table because you aren't coding correctly?

Nance Goldstein, ACC, PhD


How physicians can learn to say no

How physicians can stop saying yes when you really want to say no.

Will O'Connor, MD


Enhancing the patient experience and outcomes through patient engagement tools

Communication is the key to ensuring health and wellness don’t get lost in transition.

Ana Tuya Fulton, MD


The road to real value-based care

The time has come for primary care to drive the innovative change in health care delivery and financing.

Sylvie Stacy, MD, MPH


From clinician to contractor: how doctors can maximize the benefits of a side gig

Adopting the attitude of a business owner is crucial to getting the most from outside work

Nick Loftin


5 steps to make telehealth work for physicians and patients

There are barriers to telehealth adoption that physicians must overcome to realize the technology’s promise.