Chris Coy


The time for medical professionals to protect their income is now

What medical professionals early in their career should know when it comes to individual disability insurance policies.

Jack Towarnicky


The pandemic and inflationary impact on the health care system

The pandemic revealed vulnerabilities to our health care system and overall economy, and the impacts are driving up health care spending and the cost of care.

Lisa Grabl


Marketing tips for your medical practice

Harnessing digital marketing tools can help your medical practice grow.

J. Blake Peart


Healthcare Transactions: Why 'COVID Dollars' Are Not All the Same

What are ‘COVID dollars’ and why are the important for valuation and sale price of a healthcare business?

Michael Leavitt


Why Workforce Development for Value-Based Care is a Vital Issue to Address

The key enabler for the future of our industry is workforce readiness to deliver on the promise of high value, high quality care that delivers equitable outcomes for all.

Phil Shaffer, MD


Rebuttal: Congress, not the AANP, can resolve the physician shortage

Members of Physicians for Patient Protection respond to claims made by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

Elaine Damato


Will payers fund more services in preventive care?

Payers have been slow to reimburse for preventive care. Is that changing?

Lianne Eberle
Lianne Eberle


How to fix provider directories when the No Surprises Act falls short

Finding a physician using payers' physician directories is still a daunting task.

Eric Weaver


Why Workforce Development for Value-Based Care is a Vital Issue to Address

The key enabler for the future of our industry is workforce readiness to deliver on the promise of high value, high quality care that delivers equitable outcomes for all.

Khalid Al-Maskari


7 ways EHRs can reduce medical errors

The need for integrated patient care to help reduce medical errors, a $20B plague for U.S.

Dave Terry


Value-based Care After COVID-19: What Healthcare Leaders Need to Know

COVID-19 emphasized providers’ need to diversify

Johnny Pallares


5 best practices for cleaning a medical office

A clean office is not only necessary for patient health, it's also good for business

Isaac Smith


What challenges can medical practices and facilities expect in 2023?

And how can medical facilities and practices conquer them?

Anjana D.Patel


2023: Robust Valuations for Physician Practices Continue Despite Turbulent Market Conditions

A well-run and well-prepared practice can be very attractive to private equity investors

Elizabeth Klucher Reynolds, Esq.


It's time for physicians to update their estate plans

Consider starting the year right by updating your estate plan.

Lana Dykes


Immunomodulator therapy advances the management of gout

A review of the practical and clinical implications of the MIRROR study and consider the impact of pegloticase combined with an immunomodulator.

John Kelly, MHA


Health IT Trends to Feel Optimistic About in 2021

The health IT industry took major leaps forward to create a more seamless healthcare experience for patients and providers.

Joe Martinez, RN


Telehealth and the rise of contextual care

For the first time, clinicians have been able to get a “behind the scenes look” into their patient’s environment during telehealth visits

Hugh Lytle


Value-based care models can help close care gaps for Medicaid beneficiaries

But providers need to understand, address patients’ social health determinants

Bill Heller


7 reasons why some doctors choose locum tenens

Here are seven reasons why Locum Tenens is increasingly becoming an appealing option for physicians.

Octavian Belcea, M.D.


Concierge sustained my practice during COVID-19

Through this COVID-19 health care crisis, my concierge practice has sustained us.

Jonathan Stein, PhD


Physicians and payers must embrace next-generation genetic sequencing

Genomic sequencing can identify genetic variants that may eventually lead to diseases or increase an individual’s risk of developing a specific disease.

Liz Aron


Learn from a medical practice that reopened during COVID-19

COVID-19 has completely upended clinical operations, requiring a “new normal” going forward.

T. Scott Law Sr., CPA


Is your patient experience on the rocks? These practices might be to blame

It takes just one problem or inconvenience to affect the patient’s experience at your practice.

David Norris, MD


Five financial ratios that track your practice’s financial health

These ratios will help you determine the level of financial stability of your practice and help you make better decisions for your future.

Sally Pipes


Is there actually an underinsurance crisis?

Many Americans do lack access to affordable coverage, but that's largely a function of government over-regulation.

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