Billy Wang


Transition into the post-COVID era: Evolving physician practices and expectations

For many physician practices, changes presumed to be temporary may become more permanent

Michael Giusti, MBA


Ending the COVID-19 emergency sparks questions about health insurance

Change is coming – and physicians might find it more difficult to get paid.

Marc Franks


3 things to address to ensure a stable supply chain for your practice

Even as we begin to envision a post-pandemic future, continuing backlogs and unsustainable workarounds and rising international turmoil supply fresh evidence that supply-chain fragility is untenable.

Robert McDermott, MD


The rise in pollen is spiking allergy and asthma hospitalizations and impacting the economy

Spring has sprung, so it’s time for physicians to help patients feel better, maintain quality of life, and keep working.

Blake Farmer, Nashville Public Radio


Medical boards pressured to let it slide when doctors spread COVID-19 misinformation

Stopping some doctors from sharing unsound medical advice has proved challenging. Even defining misinformation has been difficult. And during the pandemic, resistance from some state legislatures is complicating the effort.

BJ Schaknowski, MBA


Solving health care’s financial burden amid economic uncertainty

Leaders look to software for solutions that will lead to better patient care.

Mindy Kolof


Vision meets reality: Why concierge medicine offers an optimal environment for treating chronic disease

For concierge doctors, practicing in a model that completely reverses the traditional paradigm, the difference in chronic care can be profound.

Shawn Dickerson


Why cybersecurity education is key to protecting your medical practice

Cyberattacks on healthcare networks have increased exponentially in recent years, but there are steps to protect your practice.

Robert A. Wells


Mental health wellness programs for clinicians now more accessible due to congressional protection

The physician and provider communities should find these new protections as welcome news.

Jason Brantley


Overcoming data fragmentation is key to avoiding future health care crises

COVID-19 pandemic shows importance of breaking down health care data silos

Elinor Johansen


Fax vs HIPAA: Devil’s in the details

Faxes may seem safe, but is your system HIPAA-compliant?

Renu Nadkarni


Three disruptive digital healthcare trends to watch for the rest of 2022

More than two years into the pandemic, the healthcare industry has been altered tremendously.

Jim Sloan


A strategy for investing during a recession

There is a difference between investing during a recession and investing in anticipation of a recession.

Nathaniel T. Arden


Government fraud alert for physicians: Watch out for speaker programs

Past Special Fraud Alerts have portended heightened enforcement activity.

Terry Brenneman, MD


How to set up a drive-thru flu shot clinic

The best way to issue flu shots might be for patients to never enter your office.

Nisha Basu, MD, MPH


Primary care must evolve to survive

Primary care is inefficient, inconvenient, and often inaccessible, optimized neither for patient experience nor positive outcomes.

David Mayer, MD, CEO of The Patient Safety Movement Foundation


Striking out Preventable Patient Harm

Creating safe care for everyone requires a concerted effort.

Susan L. Samson, MD, PhD


We are moving toward comprehensive diabetes care. How do we maintain momentum?

AACE algorithm supports clinical decision-making with person-centric approach to care.

Fred Wallisch, MD


The Ripple Effects of Physician Burnout

There are four areas that must be addressed to solve the problem of physician burnout

Johan Vako


Silicon Valley Bank failure: What physicians need to know

Many physicians are concerned and seeking advice if they should move their money from local banks to larger banks.

Hannah Flodin, CSLP


4 critical student loan concepts to know during tax season

What physicians with student loans need to know.

Eric E. Whitaker, MD, MPH


Physicians are at the forefront of minimizing the preventive care gap

Patients from under-resourced populations lack the preventive health screenings and early interventions that can reduce the risk of illness or disability.

Syed Nishat, BFA


Stock market insights for physician investors in 2023

At the start of each year, everyone is clamoring to figure out what the next 12 months will be like when it comes to the stock market and investment outlook.

Joan Naidorf, DO


Changing how we think about difficult patients

Recognizing that our own thoughts cause negative emotions can positively change everything

Heather Moore


The evolving liability landscape and obstetrical care 

Hospital risk leaders are increasingly walking a liability and malpractice claim tightrope.

Michael Dulin, MD, PhD


How analytics at the point-of-care can help close SDOH gaps

More medical and SDOH data is available now than ever before to clinicians, health care organizations and payors.

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