Melanie Igwe


How primary care physicians can harness apps for a new age of patient care

Caring for patients with autoimmune diseases is a team sport. Here’s a way for technology to tie your team together.

B.J. Boyle


5 Care Transition Takeaways From COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has also revealed valuable lessons to help us navigate these turbulent times.

Rajini Jayasuriya


Will payers fund more services in preventive care?

Payers have been slow to reimburse for preventive care. Is that changing?

Jeff Davis


CARES Act compliance for physicians: The provider relief fund, explained

What to know about the provider relief fund and how to avoid costly mistakes in the use of the funding.

Conrad L. Flick, MD, FAAFP


It’s time to address the needs of primary care

As the backbone of the health care system, primary care doctors need more resources and greater support from policymakers

Michael S. Adelberg


Will telemedicine create perfect competition?

Will telemedicine upend the economics of health care?

Angela Fitch, MD, FACP, FOMA


Why We Need to Rethink Treating Obesity With Physical Activity

There may be better ways to treat obesity that are more effective.

Christina Chen, MD


How asynchronous telehealth is transforming care

Asynchronous solutions can improve access to care, reduce administrative burden, and help health systems thrive.

Supreet Arora


Artificial intelligence and analytics in health care: Bringing back humanity with technology

New solutions with AI and machine learning are developing for challenges that once seemed insurmountable.

Ethan A. Nkana, JD, MBA


Physicians should be paid based on qualifications, not skin color

Resources can help Black doctors negotiate contracts to close the salary gap.

Conor Duffy, JD


Your belief matters: U.S. Supreme Court decision affirms subjective knowledge standard for False Claims Act determinations

Ruling about pharmacy discount programs has far broader relevance for all of health care that deals with federal billing.

Omar Manejwala, M.D.


Yes, personalized digital interventions actually work

Many physicians intuitively suspect that the key to successful chronic disease management and prevention is to encourage sustained behavior change in their patients.

Karen Schatten


Monopoly in continuous board certification drives physicians out of medicine

No single entity should be able to wield an expensive, arduous and unproven process that taxes U.S. health care, adds to physician burnout, and exacerbates the physician shortage

Cheri Wheeler


Six employee benefit trends to watch out for this year

What practices need to know to attract and retain talent

Randy Boldyga


The role of analytics in financial decision-making for health care

Put data to work for you by tracking trends in revenue cycles, cost analysis and patient care.

Adrienne Boissy, MD


The dollars and sense: How AI-driven data insights drive value

Prioritizing the patient and employee experience starts with advanced listening and analytics, not more paper surveys.

Alyson Maloy, MD


Rebuttal: Congress, not the AANP, can resolve the physician shortage

Members of Physicians for Patient Protection respond to claims made by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

Victoria Bedel, MBA


How patients benefit from hospital and outpatient imaging partnerships

Outpatient imaging provides cost savings and convenience to patients while creating greater satisfaction for physicians

Craig Parker, JD, CPA


Can care guidance save rural hospitals?

These programs are focused on prevention by proactively interacting with patients to understand and resolve their care barriers - before non-clinical issues become problematic and costly.

Nicole M. DeWitt, Esq.


Understanding the Value-Based Enterprise

A VBE is an underutilized mechanism for meeting a stark exception or anti-kickback statute safe harbor.

Jessica Scruton, BSN, RN, CCM


How care management tools can mitigate clinician burnout

Healthcare staffing shortages exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic have intensified an already serious problem in healthcare: clinician burnout.

Peter Bonis, M.D.


Health care system is responding to growing shortage of primary care doctors

Advanced practice practitioners, retailers, telehealth are replacing doctor-patient relationship

Arti Masturzo, MD


To fight the mounting diabetes epidemic, primary care physicians need and deserve personalized education and support, just like patients

Clinician education can help drive improved outcomes and reduced costs for chronic care management.

Jackleen Samuel


Telemedicine can be the oasis in the health care desert

As more Americans lose access to local facilities, technology can help bring high quality care directly to their homes

Mary Mulcare, MD, FACEP


Strengthening primary care: Virtual care technology accelerates access to specialist expertise

Trusted relationships are vital to health care. Here’s a way to develop them to benefit patients and physicians.

Chris Baird


The power of online reviews for health care practices beyond patient attraction and retention

How to leverage a resource to bring patients in the door to improve their health and your bottom line.

R. Shawn Martin


How ‘Moneyball’ can teach us to invest in primary care

Michael Lewis, let me tell you about primary care physicians.

Terry Blessing III
Terry Blessing III


One step at a time: A strategic approach to automation in RCM

When embarking on a revenue cycle automation project, it's prudent to crawl before you walk and then walk before you run.