Coding audits 101: How physicians can prepare

January 12th 2022

Recent trends in medical audits and what physicians can expect.

How to support team members: 3 lessons from the Great Resignation

January 12th 2022

A large number of healthcare workers have left the medical field — leaders need to focus on caring for their staff.

Don't subject your patients to telephone hell

January 12th 2022

Don't let patients get a bad impression over the phone of the service you provide at your practice.

Coronavirus Omicron variant, vaccine, and case numbers in the United States: Jan. 12, 2022

January 12th 2022

How many novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases were announced today?

Hypothyroidism: Challenges in Optimal Patient Management

January 11th 2022

In this Medical Economics® “PrimaryView,” Todd Frieze, M.D., FACP, FACE, endocrinologist at the Thyroid Institute of Utah in Lehi, provides insights on hypothyroidism with an overview of the disease; an examination of the clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment guidelines; and a review of the importance of accurate dosing of a medication with a narrow therapeutic index (NTI) and its impact on switching therapies. This article summarizes the highlights of the presentation.