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Rebekah Bernard, MD
Will Feds put final nail in coffin of physician-led primary care?

February 15th 2024

It seems like the U.S. government has officially given up on the idea of physician-led primary care.

© U.S. House of Representatives’ Energy & Commerce Committee
Physician burnout: Still a problem, and Congress could help

February 14th 2024

Low pay hurts primary care: ©crazycloud -
Low pay in primary care is leading to a care crisis in New Jersey

February 14th 2024

Private practice pays better: ©Pixel robot -
Want more pay? Work for a private practice

January 23rd 2024

Karen Schatten, MLS: ©NBPS
Prescribing insanity: Monopoly in continuous board certification drives costs up and physicians out

January 15th 2024

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