Top 10 socially responsible hospitals in the U.S.


Many well-known hospitals were not included in the Lown Institute rankings.

As the U.S. healthcare system changes in response to the upheavals of COVID-19 and the fight for racial justice, hospitals that make health equity a top priority are positioned to succeed.

A new rating from the healthcare thinktank Lown Institute seeks to rank hospitals by equity, value, and outcomes to determine their overall social responsibility.

“It’s not enough for hospitals to say they’re committed to social responsibility. They need to put their commitment into action,” Vikas Saini, MD, president of the Lown Institute, says in a news release. “Doing well on the Lown Index is one way they can demonstrate progress.”

Out of more than 3,00 hospitals, only 75 received honor roll status by receiving ‘A’ grades on all three metrics. One-third of all the hospitals on the honor roll are either in California or Ohio.

The top 10 scoring hospitals are: