Mike Kapsch


Is Twitter Making the Stock Market Predictable?

Past research has shown that stock market prices can't be predicted with more than 50% accuracy, but new research shows that analyzing Twitter feeds could help predict the direction of the Dow.

Jared Houck, HIT Squad blogger


Why the iPad Will Not Be Used for Healthcare IT

Some health care IT industry heavyweights have gone so far as to suggest that the iPad will be greatly utilized in the healthcare setting and revolutionize the way we do business. While I do think the iPad is incredibly shiny and is great computer replacement for your grandma, I think it's a bit of an exaggeration to suggest that it will ever be fully adopted by healthcare IT shops.

Sheraz Mian


What Will the New Year Bring for Investors?

We are just days away from closing the books on a very good year for the stock market. While the broad consensus is for the trend to continue in 2014, realities make it seem like next year will actually be tougher.

Dan J. Marino


Seven Keys to Profiting from an EMR System

Implementing a full-featured EMR system can produce tangible benefits your practice -- provided you have a clear understanding of total costs. Here are seven keys to achieving long-term profitability with EMR.

Zacks Equity Research


Retail Sales Surge in May: 3 Stocks to Buy

Retail sales seemed to have shed off the first quarter gloom after extending gains into the third successive month. The auto sector, which accounts for around 20% of retail sales, was one of the main catalysts behind the surge. Here are 3 stocks to help you capitalize on the growth.

James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP


Don't Give Up On International Stocks

For the past four years, the US stock market has been up more than the international stock market. Here's what that means as far as your investments go.

Christopher Rowe


Time to Reevaluate Your Risk Management

The current dip in stocks is dangerous. Not because it's a long-term sign of things to come but because investors have forgotten all about downside risk.

Kevin R. Campbell, MD


Avoiding Burnout in Medicine: Tips For Success

The practice of medicine has become increasingly stressful for all levels of healthcare providers.

David S. Robinson, CFP


Making Sure Your Heirs Get What You Intend

Are your affairs in order? David Robinson, a Certified Financial Planner and founder/CEO of RTS Private Wealth Management, offers suggestions for physicians to take into consideration when reviewing plans for their estate.

Jason Zimmerman, MBA, CLU, CAP


Disability Insurance for Physicians: Does Your Coverage Measure Up?

Long-term disability coverage is important for many occupations, but for physicians it’s particularly critical. Even a relatively minor accident or illness can interfere with their ability to practice medicine.

Sandra Yin


Aggressive Anti-fraud Measures Put Rheumatologists under the Spotlight

Claims-based analysis using powerful algorithms, predictive sampling by aggressive ZPICs, a focus on disguised kickbacks, prepayment reviews that effectively freeze billing, and other anti-fraud measures add up to a challenging regulatory environment for rheumatologists.

Alex Zaltsman


Analysis of Privacy & Security in Meaningful Use Rule

On Wednesday, December 30th, HHS released its Interim Final Rule on Meaningful use. This rule is applicable to covered entities who chose to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs.

Kevin Matras,


Explosive Stocks Under $10

Many investors screen out stocks under $10. That doesn't mean there aren't any good stocks below that price point, because there are.

Paul J. Molinaro, MD


Do You Need a Living Trust?

While not everyone needs a living trust, it is likely to be your best method of estate distribution if you fit any of these six categories: 1) You want your children to inherit from you; 2) Your estate is worth more than...

Barry Fruchter, CPA


Budgeting Your Practice During a Difficult Economy

The pressure is on for the medical profession during this economic turmoil. Consolidation is occurring in many marketplaces, the threat of reimbursement reductions are on the horizon and costs of operating a medical practice continue to escalate for independent practices.

Scott Hanson, CFP, CFS, ChFC


A Battle Plan to Combat the Onslaught of Tax Hikes

The nation's top earners are facing a juggernaut of new taxes and tax increases over the next few years. By making these strategic money moves now, doctors can shield some of their income from the assault.

Michael Pechersky, CFA


Is the Internet Giving Physicians Bad Financial Guidance?

Do you rely on the internet for financial advice? Here are five examples of ways the internet may actually be giving physicians bad financial guidance.

Jenny Gold, Kaiser Health News


Study: Highest-Charging US Hospitals Are For-Profits, Concentrated In Florida

Of the 50 US hospitals with the highest charges, 49 are for-profit institutions, 20 operate in Florida, and half are owned by a single chain, according to a study published in the journal Health Affairs Monday.

Micheal A. Doran


What's Fueling the Rally?

Major U.S. indexes saw their best close since May Monday, boosted by upbeat economic data and bank earnings out of Europe. Increasing confidence in Europe's economy and financial system and easing concerns about China's economy are fueling the gains.

Melinda Kibler


Opportunity Zones Give Investors New Opportunities to Diversify, Cut Taxes, and Profit

Act by December 31 to get full tax benefits on a new program that could diversify your investing portfolio. Opportunity Zones.

Frank Congemi


Fund's 115,000% Total Return Shows Power of Long-Term Compounding

Mutual funds with good records have produced long-term returns that may seem unbelievable-for instance, one fund has a more than 115,000% total return over 64 years.

Terry Allman, CPC, QPA, QKA, CRPC


Avoid Choosing the Wrong Invesment Firm For You

What to consider if you have thought about changing the direction you go with your investments or would value a second opinion on your current strategy.

Jerry Miccolis


Asset Allocation's Death "Greatly Exaggerated"

Asset allocation is still the only scientifically-validated method to win the investment game. For more on reports of its death, see: Mark Twain.

Setu Mazumdar, MD


Lessons from Vegas: The Illusion of Average Returns Part 2

One key to successful investing is to realize that it's unlikely you'll obtain the average rate of return. When you invest with this thought in your mind, you'll have more realistic expectations of investment returns.

Nathan Fransen


Do You Need a Living Trust?

While not everyone needs a living trust, it is likely to be your best method of estate distribution if you fit any of these six categories: 1) You want your children to inherit from you; 2) Your estate is worth more than...

Jim White, CPA


Run or Pass: 6 Triggers That Increase Your Risk of Being Audited

Just like passing the ball into the end zone increases your risk of a turnover, some tax items create more risk of being flagged for audit. Here are some of the top "triggers."

Jared Kaltwasser


Hackers Have a New Tool in Their Toolbox: Smishing

The theory behind smishing is similar to that of phishing. The difference is that smishing happens via a person’s smartphone.

H. William Wolfson, DC, MS, MPASSM, CFP


Financial Consulting, Investor Trust with New CFP Board Fiduciary Rule

Investor trust has to be earned and if the new rules are followed, the financial industry will objectively and smartly help those who wish to participate.

Marc Lichtenfeld,


This One Mistake Can Kill Your Portfolio

The world has never been a peaceful utopia. There have always been wars and terrible people doing horrible things to each other. Over the long term, however, the market largely ignores these things.

Mark Carrasquillo


Valuable Collectibles Need Special Insurance

While basic homeowners, condo, or renters policies should provide ample protection for ordinary possessions, if you own collectibles, you may need to boost your coverage. Standard policies provide little coverage for collectibles.

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