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Smart Year-End Moves for Different Levels of Wealth

Estate and gift tax exemptions will fall to $1 million for the first time since 2003 if Congress doesn't act, leaving many people who have no estate or gift tax liability today to face a considerable liability next year. Don't wait for Congress to act. Make your estate-tax planning moves now.

the staff of Modera Wealth Management


Top Mistakes Seniors Make

While there is nothing that can guarantee that you will have sufficient money to cover all potential costs in retirement, there are certainly some common mistakes that you want to steer clear from to help protect your assets.

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA


How to Find a Non-Clinical Job

Physician career transitioning is a growth industry. How do you get there? Start by writing a SOAP note.

Marshall H. Dean J.D., MBA


Investing in the Single Family Home

When you have an economic crisis, there are always ways to profit on the backside. Smart investors are taking advantage of the rebounding housing industry with funds buying single family homes.

Chief Medical Officer, Midmark Corporation


RTLS Enabled Self-Rooming Improves the Provider Experience

An established real-time locating system can not only increase positive patient outcomes, but it can also help physicians with an overburdened workflow. Thomas D. Schwieterman, M.D., Vice President of Clinical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer, Midmark Corporation, has the results to show this system can be beneficial to anyone in the ambulatory space.

Aiden Spencer


5 Must-Have Medical Technologies for Urgent Care Centers

As the marketplace becomes crowded, it will be critically important for urgent care centers to find ways to stay economically viable. One way they can do this is to embrace technology, which will help them deliver the highest quality of patient care.

Andrew Jack


Cash-to-Doctors Data Reflect Rivalries

Physicians in two specialties receive more money from the pharmaceutical industry than their counterparts in other branches of medicine, according to new data analysis.

Tom Sandford


The $1.06 Billion Industry with True Potential

Forget the airplane tickets and vacation selfies. Family getaways are about to go virtual.

Chris Trimble


Building a Better System with More Physician Accountability and Autonomy

Policymakers, payers, and administrators must all play a role in the evolution of healthcare in the US. But they cannot fix the system alone.

Michael S. Berry, ChFC


Leverage Your Assets to Increase Your Earnings

Leverage is a method by which you can do more with less. Less effort. Less money. Less time. If you are looking for a shortcut to financial success, leverage is the closest thing to it.

Kelly Holman


Study: Women Physicians Focused on Retirement Planning

A new survey finds a majority of women are meeting their retirement planning goals, yet 75% say they don't feel fully confident about their financial acumen.

Nate Brogan


How to Communicate Clearly with Patients About Healthcare Costs

Patients are often frustrated with not only how much they have to pay their medical bills, but how they have to pay them. Make sure you properly communicate with patients what they are expected to do and how you can help them.

Suchi Agarwal,


3 Fallen Angels to Boost Your Portfolio Returns

While the Federal Reserve's modest growth estimates for the US economy along with assurance of at least one interest rate hike this year is keeping the market sentiments optimistic despite the odds, adding these fundamentally strong fallen angels in your portfolio might prove to be a good bargain.

Rachel Lutz


Doctors, Patients Differ on End-of-Life Care Preferences

Patients and caregivers prefer thinking in terms of quality of life over quantity of life, though their physicians may not be on the same page.

Douglas B. Gordon CPA


Beware of This Telephone Tax Scam

Telephone scammers claiming to be with the IRS are quite sophisticated, but there are ways to recognize them from the real thing.

Stephanie E. Chiuve, ScD1


Healthy lifestyle factors and prevention of coronary heart disease

We showed that coronary heart disease (CHD) in a population of male health professionals could be prevented by the following healthy lifestyle, defined as not smoking, maintaining a healthy body weight, exercising daily, adhering to a healthy diet, and moderate alcohol intake. We also found that a healthy lifestyle was associated with a lower risk of CHD even among men taking lipid-lowering or antihypertensive medications.

Mitchell Katz


Exotic and Vintage Car Leasing: Myths, Lies and Misconceptions

For far too long, leasing has been discounted as a viable financing alternative, largely because of misinformation.

Brett Ellen


Expanding Employee Offerings Can Benefit Small Practices

Not only can small practices afford to provide employee benefits beyond the basics, many can’t afford not to. Instituting expanded company benefits can result in substantial cost and tax savings for physicians over paying for them as individuals.

H. William Wolfson, DC, FICC, MS, MPAS, CFP


A Reverse Mortgage May Be Something to Consider

With life expectancies increasing and quality of life improving, reverse mortgages are something to be considered for those who can benefit from its use, but only after thoroughly understanding the ramifications of becoming a borrower.



6 Affordable, Low-Key Hotels for Beach Bums

For many, the dream beach vacation involves snoozing on a quiet stretch of sand in some exotic (read: expensive) locale. But the truth is there's no need to break the piggy bank to have a fabulous oceanfront getaway.

Robert J. Mintz, JD, LL.M.


Two Asset Protection Strategies for a Secure Retirement

The best asset protection plans are those designed to solve a specific problem. These 2 strategies offer examples of asset protection solutions for people working to build up their savings while working and people relying on their savings to cover living expenses.

Michael R. Relvas, CFP


4 Critical Steps in Purchasing Resident Disability Insurance

A medical resident's most valuable financial asset is his future earnings ability, which is at serious risk of loss due to a personal disability.

Drew Stevens, PhD


Use Simple Tools and Statistics to Track Income and Expenses

Success is a journey. Having the proper accounting methods established early on in your career will make the journey more enjoyable, although never without challenges.

Robert J. DiQuollo


Who's the 'Alpha Finance Person' in Your Family?

Letting your spouse handle all financial matters and leaving yourself in the dark is a dangerous gamble. If a crisis arises, you'll be terribly handicapped by your inability to grasp your financial situation.

Jane Hurst


9 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Being a physician can often be stressful, here's 9 ways to help relieve that stress and any subsequent anxiety.

Bob Liggero


Moving Toward a No-Debt Lifestyle: 7 Steps to Consider

Any financial planning process begins with necessary changes in financial behavior - it's all about adopting good habits and abandoning bad ones. The first: start with nickels and dimes.

David Fessler


Today's No-Brainer Energy Investment

Recently, the International Energy Agency (IEA) published a report on total global investments in one specific form of "energy" in 2012. It pegged investment in this form of energy at between $310 billion and $360 billion. What is it? The answer might surprise you.

Jill Schwieters


Healthcare Recruiting in a Challenging Market

The biggest healthcare-recruiting challenge is finding, screening and qualifying the best candidates in a sea of applicants, and then attracting the right people. Some steps to take your recruiting approach to the next level.

Deborah Helton, CPA


New Policy Impacting Practice Investment Decisions

Purchasing a medical building or equipment, such as an MRI machine, can be a savvy investment move for physicians seeking to build their personal wealth portfolio.

Greg Stoller


Negotiating Indemnification Provision in Practice Purchases

An indemnification provision is generally common in a purchase agreement of a practice; and buyers and sellers have very different perspectives.

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