Practice Academy Summer 2023: Passive Income for Medical Professionals: Exploring Private REITs as a Smart Investment

Medical Economics JournalMedical Economics September 2023
Volume 100
Issue 9


As the medical community navigates the complexities of patient care and the ever-evolving landscape of health care, doctors devote their lives to preserving and improving human life. Amidst the demands and challenges of a medical career, it is crucial to recognize the significance of financial planning for a secure and stress-free retirement. Although physicians often earn substantial incomes during their active years, the need for passive income after retirement is increasingly becoming a pressing concern in today’s uncertain economic climate.

Practice Academy summer 2023: ©MJH Life Sciences

Practice Academy summer 2023: ©MJH Life Sciences

The traditional retirement model relies mainly on pensions and social security benefits, which provide a reliable income stream to retirees. However, times have changed, with pension plans dwindling and social security systems increasingly under strain due to economic constraints and an aging population. For medical professionals accustomed to comfortable lifestyles during their working years, depending solely on conventional retirement benefits will likely fall short of maintaining their accustomed standard of living in retirement.

Passive income, a recurring revenue stream generated with minimal ongoing effort, presents a compelling solution to bridge the financial gap in retirement. Unlike active income derived from medical practice or employment, passive income sources can continue to yield profits without requiring constant investments of time and energy. This type of income provides financial stability and allows doctors to pursue other passions, engage in philanthropic activities or spend quality time with their families.

DLP Capital, a private financial services and real estate investment firm, provides passive income opportunities to investors seeking to break out from the traditional trappings of retirement while helping to alleviate the current housing shortage in the country. During his Medical Economics Practice Academy session, DLP Founder and CEO Don Wenner spoke about the options his organization offers physicians and investors who are seeking the power of passive income.


  • Introduce medical professionals to passive income and explain how it can benefit them in achieving financial freedom.
  • Educate participants on private real estate investment funds (REITs) and their potential as a source of passive income.
  • Explain the benefits of investing in private REITs, including the potential for stable returns, consistent cash flow and tax advantages.
  • Discuss the differences between private and publicly traded REITs and why medical professionals should consider investing in this asset class.
  • Help participants navigate investing in private REITs and understand the associated risks.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to learn from industry experts and ask questions about investing in private REITs.


Don Wenner
Founder & CEO
DLP Capital

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