Practice Academy Summer 2023: Use Data to Drive Practice Optimization and Growth

Medical Economics JournalMedical Economics September 2023
Volume 100
Issue 9


Physicians, other clinicians, patients, devices and computer programs generate much information. Consequently, researchers have said health care has entered the era of big data — “massive amounts of information that can work wonders,” said one study in the Journal of Big Data. Much of the analysis is dedicated to patient care because that is what physicians do. Beyond patient health or illness, doctors can analyze staffing schedules, waiting room times, insurance claim information, employee performance metrics and supply chain orders, the researchers said. But having a list of numbers or a stack of spreadsheets does not inherently make a physician’s office operate more efficiently or generate more revenue. “(These) data (require) proper management and analysis in order to derive meaningful information,” the researchers said. “Otherwise, seeking solutions by analyzing big data quickly becomes comparable to finding a needle in a haystack.” Richelle Cox, principal of Curi, and Hannah Walle, client success coordinator of Arrowlytics, were part of the June 2023 Medical Economics Practice Academy to discuss how to use data to optimize and grow a medical practice.

Practice Academy Summer 2023 : ©MJH Life Sciences

Practice Academy Summer 2023 : ©MJH Life Sciences


  • Discuss the most common barriers that keep practices from leveraging data to drive decision-making for the business.
  • Understand the role that your practice’s digital presence can play in enhancing patient recruitment and experience strategies.
  • Explore new ways to measure real-time practice performance that can help improve your bottom line.


Richelle Cox, Principal, Curi

Hannah Walle, Client Success Coordinator, Arrowlytics

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