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Jackleen Samuel is the President and CEO of Resilient Healthcare: ©Resilient Healthcare
Telemedicine can be the oasis in the health care desert

December 1st 2023

As more Americans lose access to local facilities, technology can help bring high quality care directly to their homes

Telehealth patients often don't follow up on testing: ©AngelLodeco -
Patients less likely to complete diagnostic testing after telehealth visit compared to in-person visit

November 28th 2023

doctor's image on computer screen ©Blue Planet
Telemedicine is adding to doctors’ EHR burden

November 17th 2023

telehealth heart concept: © Kate3155
American Heart Association gets $15.9M grant to develop telehealth

November 14th 2023

Doctor conducting e-visit with patient ©Studio
How to navigate e-visit billing: tips for primary care physicians

October 26th 2023

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