Chronic Conditions


AMA report shows overdose epidemic evolving, becoming deadlier

July 22, 2020

While opioid prescriptions are down, overdose deaths on illicit opioids and stimulants have shown a dramatic increase.

FDA approves non-opioid pain drug

July 20, 2020

Orphengesic Forte is a non-addictive, non-opioid drug now approved by the FDA.

eConsults: An essential piece of telehealth for chronic care management

July 17, 2020

eConsults are especially vital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coding case studies: Asthma

July 15, 2020

Get maximum reimbursement for treating asthma with the right codes

The hidden COVID-19 crisis: The dangers of neglecting care

July 14, 2020

How the COVID-19 pandemic is setting up a potential crisis in cancer and other serious conditions.

Personalize care to improve patient heart health

July 14, 2020

How physicians can help patients adhere to treatments.

Combating chronic pain

July 08, 2020

Understand the tools physicians need to combat chronic pain as the opioid crisis continues.

How to improve diabetes care

July 06, 2020

Primary care physicians sometimes struggle to effectively treat patients with diabetes.

Personalize care to improve patient heart health

July 03, 2020

With the right strategy, physicians can help patients stay on track for improved outcomes.

Can doctors’ expectations affect treatment outcomes?

June 26, 2020

Doctors have long known that patients’ expectations have a significant impact on the effectiveness of treatments prescribed for them. But much less is known about the effect of providers’ expectations for those treatments.