Kamala Harris: What physicians need to know about her health care policy

August 12, 2020

ByKeith A. Reynolds

The California senator is Joe Biden’s pick for Vice President on the Democrat ticket.

CMS proposes permanent expansion of telehealth benefits

August 04, 2020

ByKeith A. Reynolds

This would make concessions implemented due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic permanent.

New malpractice risks to watch for post-COVID-19

July 30, 2020

ByChris Mazzolini

COVID has brought about new risks for physicians when it comes to malpractice. Make sure you know what they are.

COVID-19 staff reductions

July 29, 2020

ByRachel Zimlich, RN

How to prevent legal fallout from staff layoffs.

9 ways doctors have it worse than everyone else

July 27, 2020

ByTodd Shryock

Physicians face many obstacles in their quest to provide quality care to patients. Imagine if other professions had to deal with some of the same challenges.

Coronavirus: Feds extend public health emergency declaration

July 24, 2020

ByKeith A. Reynolds

The extension continues the loosening of telehealth regulations.