David Walters, CFP, CPA


This New Year, Don't Forget Your Digital Estate

When you die, you leave behind more than just physical assets. You also leave behind a "digital estate" of financial data, documents, photos, and more. Planning ahead can help smooth the transfer of those digital assets.

H. William Wolfson, DC, MS, MPASSM, CFP®


Professional Financial Advice Is Alive and Well

When we think of a professional, such as a physician, attorney, or CPA, there is an expectation of prudent advice or exemplary service rendered. Unfortunately, negative press because of the shenanigans by Wall Street executives, bankers, and unscrupulous firms.

Shirley Mueller


Broken Confidence: New Directions in Risk Assessment

A new risk-mitigation concept called the comprehensive risk assessment seeks to insure investors against significant downturns through scenario analysis; incorporation of behavioral and neuroscience into decision making; and utilizing wider diversification.

Jim Edholm


Dental as a Key Part of Your Practice's Health and Wellness Program

Employers of all types and sizes realize that healthy employees are happier and more productive. Your practice's wellness program shouldn't overlook dental insurance - good oral health can help reduce diabetes, heart disease, cancer and even premature births.

Brian O’Neill


4 Electronic Tools to Make Your Office More Efficient

As healthcare reform brings millions of newly insured patients into a system that already sees shortages in primary care physicians and select specialties, we need to be smarter in how we communicate and interact.

Brian O'Neill


Don't Leave Money on the Table

Every year doctors and surgeons top the annual list of best-paying jobs in America. But, as all physicians know, this comes at a price.

Alan Olsen, CPA


A Taxing Question: An "Alternative Investment" or Just a Hobby?

Many wealthy investors are turning to rare and collectible items, such as art, race cars and race horses, to protect their wealth from financial market fluctuations. But what you consider an investment may be seen as just a hobby by the IRS -- and that can have serious tax consequences.

Gayle Turim


From Patients to Patience: A Retired MD's Birdwatching Passion

A retired physician has found a rich second act as a birder and nature photographer. He jokes that he doesn't know how he finds time to be retired.

Brian Hamilton,


5 Finance Mutual Funds for 2015

With the finance sector expecting double digit earnings growth in the second half of 2015, it would be advantageous to look into mutual funds that have high levels of financial exposure. These 5 are worth a close look.

Thomas D. Schwieterman, M.D., Vice President of Clinical Affairs


RTLS Enabled Self-Rooming Improves the Provider Experience

An established real-time locating system can not only increase positive patient outcomes, but it can also help physicians with an overburdened workflow. Thomas D. Schwieterman, M.D., Vice President of Clinical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer, Midmark Corporation, has the results to show this system can be beneficial to anyone in the ambulatory space.

Kalyan Nandy


Three Stocks to Brave a Government Shutdown

The end results of a government shutdown likely include a rating downgrade of the nation or a debt crisis. However, you can turn the odds in your favor by investing in stocks that are well positioned to combat this situation and move ahead.

Frank Armstrong III, CLU, CFP, AIFA


Accounts Often Empty as Retirement Begins

The average retiree's 401(k) account is empty within five years. A strong financial plan, however, can extend the funds over the 30-plus-year life of the retirement.

Kevin N. Fine


A Look at Vertical Integration Between Payers and Providers

As the consolidation and integration trend continues in the healthcare industry, payers and providers will have to adjust to the evolving post-healthcare reform changes if they want to remain profitable and continue to grow their businesses.

Eric Meermann, CFP


The Ins and Outs of Employment Contracts

With the economy improving, more physicians are getting job offers, and some come with employment contracts, which offer both job security and potential pitfalls.

Joe Martinson


Sell in May … Please Go Away

Revisiting the perennial argument about whether or not "Sell in May" is the best investment strategy. New calculations may debunk the traditional thinking that it is best to dump your stocks now and buy them again in October.

Jeannette Di Louie


Will the Gas Tax be Replaced by a Mileage Tax?

If powers in Washington have their way, every car will be fitted with a device that logs how many miles it travels, taxing drivers accordingly. See how this would affect hybrid car purchases.

The Physician Philosopher


Are Financial Advisors Giving Physicians Conflicted Financial Guidance?

Not all advice on the internet is bad. There are conflicts of interest in both the fee-based financial advising world and the insurance product industry. But, physician finance bloggers are there to help!

Steven Chan, MD


Why Money Flows into Mobile, Wearable Health Technology

At this fall's most recent Health 2.0 Silicon Valley conference, the overall theme is that there is more excitement - and dollars - than ever in the realm of consumer healthcare informatics & technology.

Bill Schu


Political Check-Up: Bernie Sanders

In this first of a multi-part series, we look at what each of the main presidential candidates is proposing and how those proposals will affect healthcare and your personal finances.

Lee Ferber, CPA


Clinical Integration: Health Care's New Landscape

Programs and initiatives created as a result of the passage of the Affordable Care Act and the inherent need for clinical integration has made for unlikely bedfellows in the health care community.

Kelly A. Henning, CFP


10 Common Financial Planning Mistakes Made By Parents of Young Children

When it comes to financial planning, parents of young children face a number of difficult choices, including how to pay for their children's college without ignoring their own long-term savings goals. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid.

Joanna Andrade


Get the Most Student Financial Aid to Pay for College

Looking for an edge in the early scramble to prepare your 2010-2011 FAFSA application? Here are the 10 tips for getting your fair share of $168 billion.

Mike Doran


Capital Protection Is Key in This Random Market

The current stock-market correction is still very questionable, and there's a higher risk to being heavily invested in stocks right now. Trading remains more random than not, and driven essentially by the news headlines of the day. For now, protection of capital is key.

Another Second Opinion, MD


Should Young Physicians Invest While Still in Debt?

Should you focus on paying down student loans after residency or invest? The author of the blog Another Second Opinion weighs the options.

Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD


Obamacare is about Your Money, Not Your Health

The fact is that "health care reform" is not going to cure America's health problems. Health reform begins with making it clear that individuals' health is in their own hands.

John Harelson


Searching for a New Bank

There aren't many good news stories about banks these days so if you're looking for a new bank you may be facing the quagmire of what to look for and who to turn to when searching for a new bank. The answer may rest upon what your personal and or business banking needs are.

Donna Weinstock


Where Professionalism Begins and Ends

Several weeks ago, I was sitting at a dinner meeting when a new acquaintance asked me what I did for a living. I mentioned that I was a healthcare consultant who worked with physician practices to improve processes, patient satisfaction, and efficiency.

Alan Berkenwald, MD


A Doctor's Struggle to Answer the Question: "Why Do I Like Drugs?"

The most difficult question I am asked by my patients is, "Why?" Why did I become an addict? Why do I still have cravings? Why do I slip up and use, even thought I know it's wrong and I feel stupid and horrible doing it? Despite all my knowledge, education and experience, my answer essentially is, "Because."

Jason M. Broderick


Updated Cabozantinib Data Includes 6 Patient Deaths

Cabozantinib (XL184), a novel tyrosine kinase inhibitor, caused the deaths of 6 patients in a phase II clinical trial, according to data presented at ASCO's annual meeting. The fatalities had not been reported with the cabozantinib data at the May 18 pre-ASCO press briefing. Shares of the drug's manufacturer, Exelixis, fell 20% as investors reacted to the news.

Mary Walton


10 Medical Student Resume Writing Tips You Need to Know

Whether you're just starting your journey of academia or are a recent medical school graduate, like all job-hunting processes, it starts with writing the perfect resume.

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