Thomas R. Kosky


The Rise of Interest Rates and Fall of Bond Prices

Conservative investors may feel safer leaning more toward fixed income investments as opposed to stocks, but there's risk there too should interest rates start to creep up.

Melinda Kibler, CFP


You're Probably Overlooking Some 2016 Deductions

Deduct every charitable contribution, donate stocks, harvest tax losses, boost retirement plan contributions, and more.

Dave Gilreath, CFP


Despite sanguine signs, it’s still hip to be a market bear

A current investing fad is to be stubbornly bearish.

Mark Vickery


Happy Last Day of 2012 Trading!

Say goodbye to 2012 - an occasionally volatile but modestly successful 12 months overall, even if Congress' apparent impotence in the face of the coming fiscal cliff has hacked away at that perception over the past couple weeks.

Eric C. Jansen, ChFC®


You Have Retirement Products. Do You Have A Retirement Plan?

Medical professionals are among the millions of Americans who confuse the financial products they own with having a retirement plan. Unfortunately, most individuals don’t have a plan. Instead, they own a variety of products they’ve been sold by a commission-based financial advisor, broker or insurance representative â€â€

Sweta Killa,


4 High-Quality Stocks and ETFs to Beat the Market

With a rate hike in the cards and a slew of mixed economic reports, the US stock market might see a tough ride in the months ahead. The Fed is on track to raise the interest rates for the first time since 2006, provided the world's largest economy continues to improve. Given this, quality investing seems prudent.

Steven Chan, MD, MBA


How Health Care Professionals Can Design an App

Have an idea for an app, but don't know where to get started? Turns out creating apps - or any user interface for that matter - starts with nothing but pencil and paper.

Fraser Sherman


The Length of Time to File Back Taxes

Filing your taxes late is much better than not filing at all. Although there are legal time limits on things like refunds that kick in if you postpone filing long enough, the obligation to pay never expires.

Leslie Moser


Electronic Medical Records - Remotely

There is no escaping EMR in healthcare news these days, and in a few years no one will remember how life was without it.

Perry W. Payne, Jr., MD, JD, MPP


Residents More Efficient with Smartphones than Pagers

Although hospitals continue to use pagers, new research shows how new technology can enhance the system, making the hospital more efficient.

Andrew Witherell, CFP®


How Much Do I Need to Tell My Kids About My Financial Plan?

When you talk to your family about your financial plan, the gift of that knowledge may one day keep your heirs from feeling that they’ve just received a lump of coal.

Perry Payne, MD, JD, MPP


Impact of Apps on Family Medicine

Smartphone use is now common among physicians; however, there's still a need for more information and ongoing assessments of how clinicians integrate these devices into practice.

Matt Mattox


The Case for Prescribing a Patient Engagement App

If patient engagement is based on daily self-care, then self-tracking and health and wellness education tools provide the foundation for engagement. Shared decision making between the provider and patient relies on this foundation.

Carolyn Drake & Sean Johnson


Implications of SOPA and PIPA Bills Are Far Reaching

The Internet is buzzing with discussions and debates about two bills -- SOPA and PIPA -- that threaten to change the Internet as we know it. Find out how these bills could affect the way you surf the Web.

Rebecca Pavese


Last-Minute Moves Can Slash Your 2015 Tax Bill

Now is the time to start planning your year-end tax moves.

Straight Talk with James Quinn


American Idiots

Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life. Unfortunately, it seems to be the American way. Here's the Straight Talk on education (or the lack thereof) in the United States today.

David Becker


3 Sentiment Indicators to Guide You Through Today's Market

Market sentiment is the crowd psychology of market participants and can help give investors a clue of the future direction of a market.

Satish Misra, MD


Company Launches iPhone Product for Home Ear Infection Diagnosis

A California start-up hopes parents who suspect their child has an ear infection will reach for their iPhones rather than book an appointment with their pediatrician.

Robert Large


Why the Right Home Insurance Is Crucial

Insuring your car is important, but adequately insuring your home is more crucial, and trickier; plus, having solid home insurance is the key to personal risk management.

Alana Pockros, Kaiser Health News


Burwell: It's Up To States, Congress To Help Consumers If Court Strikes Down ACA Subsidies

It will be up to state officials and Congress to help consumers who can't afford health insurance if the Supreme Court strikes down health law subsidies for millions of Americans, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell said Wednesday.

Karl Huish


Insurance Freedom

Captive insurance companies can reduce insurance costs, save taxes, protect assets, and transfer business value and family wealth to future generations. Legal changes in the last five years may make this one of the most advantageous times to form one.

Howard Rosen, Esq, CPA


5 Reasons Physicians Should Consider Asset Protection

While there is no real formula for determining whether an individual or business should engage in asset protection, as a preventative measure, it should be considered by all high-net worth individuals and those with high-risk professions, including doctors.

Mike Kapsh


Is it Time to "Fire" Some of Your Stock Holdings?

You have to be the boss when it comes to your portfolio and that means being willing to sell stocks that aren't adding to your bottom line. How can you know whether or not it's a good time to let go of a stock?



The Physiological Processes that Drive Financial Decisions

Neuroeconomics is an emerging field that uses economics and neuroscience to better understand the financial decisions that we make. Behavioral economics, which incorporates elements of psychology, is also helping us better understand monetary behavior.

John D. Zelem, MD, FACS


Should Physicians Document Only for Other Physicians?

With the advent of ongoing audits for medical necessity and accurate coding, whose documentation is being scrutinized to ensure that the medical services being provided are reasonable and necessary? The answer: physicians.

Sam Winkler, CPA,


Tax Planning Tips to Achieve Maximum Tax Savings

While planning to reduce your taxable income is important, it is equally imperative that you take advantage of the multitude of federal and state tax credits that are available.

Kathryn M. Walsh, CPA, JD


Cash is King, Especially at Year End

There are several techniques that can be utilized to reduce and even eliminate the growing disparity between cash and the year end bonus amount; thereby reducing the need for borrowing and loans.

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CWPP, CAPP, CMP


The Importance of Beta on Your Investing

It is a good idea to understand investing concepts like Beta so that you can have a more informed discussion with whomever you choose to receive investment/retirement planning advice from.

Kate Gamble


Do New Year's Resolutions Ever Work?

There's something about Jan. 1 that makes us all want to live healthier lifestyles. But do we actually make good on these promises? Here's what the statistics tell us.

J. Michael Martin


Stocks Aren't Cheap

The S&P 500 is trading at 30 times estimated 2009 earnings, not the low P/E Wall Street claims, that was light on stocks in 2008 and still is now.