Bruce Wayne Gaylord


I'm Getting a Paycheck! Now What?!

Physicians emerge from medical school with high earning potential but also high student debt. This guide offers a practical look at how physicians should balance paying off that debt with saving for long-term expenses.

R. Paul Wilson, CRPC


Doctors Betrayed by Traditional Financial Strategies: Part Two

Tax, investment and insurance mistakes doctors make when following advice that is designed for tens of millions of average Americans, and how to avoid these pitfalls.

Josh Mettle


Is a Physician Home Loan Right for You?

The answer is, it depends. It's dependent on your personal financial situation and where you are in your career. The loan that is right for you is the cheapest cost option that will accommodate your specific current situation.

Kristina Fazzalaro,


8 Real-life Fairy Tale Destinations

Many fairy tale settings were inspired by real-life destinations around the world. From Sicily to Scandinavia, here is the scoop on some of the most idyllic lands of folklore just waiting to be discovered.

Tom Lewis


Mediprocity is Latest HIPAA Compliant Messaging Tool for Physicians

One of the current competitive areas of development within mobile medical technology at the moment is providing HIPAA compliant communication between physicians. This is not an easy task with numerous regulations and security issues to take into account.

Julie Rovner, Kaiser Health News


New Program Aims to Link Medical, Social Services

A new federal program aims to utilize healthcare providers to help link more people in need with social services.

Nancy Anderson, RN


Photo Finishes: Advice from Professional Photographers

Travel photography has become big business. But it's possible to take perfect vacation photos without buying expensive devices and carrying heavy equipment.

Karun Philip, PhD


When Physicians Consolidate, Medical Prices Climb

Studies have found that medical prices climb as more mergers and acquisitions occur in the health care industry.



Hotels of the Future: A Dozen High-Tech Offerings

Although vacation is traditionally a time to "get away," more and more travelers are looking to be connected - virtually speaking, of course - no matter how far off the grid they've gone. Get inspired by these top-notch tech spots and incorporate them into your own space ASAP.

Dirk van Dijk, CFA


How to Better Read Earnings Reports

With earnings season upon us, here are some tips to help you read reports and understand why the markets rewarded some companies and crushed others.

David Ahn, MD


The Coming Apple iWatch and What MDs Should Know

There's been a steady stream of information leaking out regarding Apple's upcoming smartwatch. Here are some predictions for the so-called iWatch and the promise it holds for healthcare providers.

Paul Jacobs, CFP


10 Reasons Besides Poor Performance to Sell a Mutual Fund

There are plenty of reasons to dump a mutual fund or exchange traded fund (ETF) besides poor performance. Here are 10 reasons it might make sense to sell a solid performer.

Marty Martin, MD


Money Shock Management for Physicians

Physicians and other care providers are experiencing record levels of uncertainty in their lives. Here are recommendations for how physicians can prevent and manage money shock to their lives and their practices.

Mike C. Manoloff


Stop Overlooking Your Financial Statements

Too often financial statements are over looked in managing a medical practice - a big mistake since financial statements should be used not only to file taxes, but also as a guide to uncover issues like lost revenue and extra costs.

David Eller


Is Uncle Sam About to Inflate These Stocks?

The easiest way to make money in the market is to find a stock the big investors are about to load up on and buy it first. Nobody has deeper pockets than Uncle Sam.

David Bartosiak


3 Investing Traps to Avoid in this Market

With the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average at all-time highs, the market's sleepy crawl upwards can lure investors into making bad moves.

Jenny Harmon, CPA


Divorce Issues

Marriages that involve one or more physicians are 10% to 20% more likely to end in divorce than the national average for the general public. No one wants to plan for divorce, but here's what you should do if you think it's a possibility.

Jason M. O’Dell, MS, CWM


Investment Theory for Physicians

Right now the U.S. markets are strong, but many investors are concerned about possible volatility as a result of the global economy. As such, it is crucial that well-informed investors, including physicians, adjust their investment behavior accordingly.

Patrick McGee


Challenges in Transforming Smaller Practices into Medical Homes

The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of primary care has been held up as a model for renovating out nation's problematic primary care system due to its focus on reducing costs and improving patient outcomes by using team-based care that is accessible, comprehensive, continuous, and coupled with payment reform.

Anthony D. Criscuolo


How to Stay Cool When the Stock Market Soars or Sinks

Market timing isn't the best option. Have a long-term plan and determine if you’re overinvested or underinvested in U.S. stocks, foreign stocks, and bonds.

Michael Berry, ChFC


Valuable Planning Tools You Haven't Heard Of

Most physicians only utilize traditional qualified plans, which are restrictive and burdensome, while completely ignoring the more flexible fringe benefit plans.

Alexander Green,


Beware These ‘Screaming Buys' in the Energy Sector

With such low oil and gas prices, the conventional wisdom is you have to buy energy stocks now... while they're cheap. But this analysis is far too facile.

Daniel Sentell


How Doctors Can Place Retirement Funds in a Medical Practice

When it comes to retirement advice, most doctors behave like patients. They go to the experts (financial advisors), follow their advice (invest in mutual funds and the stock market), and then stew quietly when their retirement plans don't grow as expected.

Diane Pichardo


Physician Drug Dispensing: Can You? Should You?

Don't make a decision on whether or not you should dispense pharmaceuticals to your patients based on information from sales or marketing personnel, one expert warns. Instead, consult your lawyer.

Michael Fitzhugh


IBM and Cleveland Clinic Put Watson to Work

Two new projects from IBM Research will put artificial intelligence to work in teaching medical students and making sense of electronic medical records.

Mark Baker, CPA


Plan Now for ACA's 2014 Penalties

Many employers, including physician practices, have been reluctant to measure the impact that the Affordable Care Act may have on their businesses. Although 2013 just began, now is the time to plan to avoid penalties in 2014.

H. Michael Lewellen, CFP


Retirement Considerations as a Hospital Employee

One of the significant downsides of being an employee of a large institution is that you have virtually no control of the tax-saving retirement plans, benefit plans, fringe benefit plans or other write-offs.

Alexander Green


The Reason Optimists Earn Higher Returns

If the present is bad - and the future even worse - why take the risk? Because things aren't that bad. We live in a golden age... yet most people don't realize it.

Henry Stimpson


Protecting Your Property from Blizzards

Unprecedented snowstorms are predicted to sweep across the East Coast. With this severe weather underway property-owners should take immediate action to protect themselves and their property.

Matthew Carr


The Investing Strategy With a 93.33% Success Rate

We live in a time of unprecedented access to data-not only real-time, but also historical. From an investor's standpoint, it opens the door to immense possibilities.