William A. Rooney, CPA , MA


2011 Year-End Tax-Saving Moves for Physicians

A checklist of actions for medical practices and individual physicians to make based on current tax rules.

Diana Douglas


Most Significant Risk Management Concerns for Docs in 2014

America's health care landscape is changing dramatically and there are various aspects of risk management that physician practices and hospitals must be aware of as 2013 wraps up and we enter 2014.

Michael Sheehan


Holiday Tipping: How Much Is Enough?

A reader who purchased his first home this year is unsure of how much to tip workers who provide services for his family. Here's a guide to tipping at home, and when you're traveling for the holidays.

Sean Broderick


Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Gold has endured as a commodity. And while you may not be investing in frankincense and myrrh, their modern-day descendants, biopharma and oil, are great investments for the long haul.

Kim Renners, MBA, CPA


How to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Investment Advisor

Declines in market values and uncertainty about the future of healthcare has caused many physicians to question whether it's time to find a new financial advisor. Before you switch investment firms, here are some important considerations.

Ginny Grimsley


7 Cardinal Rules of Retirement Planning

Financial planning for retirement has always been a heavy burden for workers, but these 7 tips can make the process much less daunting.

Christopher Burton, MD


The Most Valuable Gift a Physician Can Give During the Holiday Season

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for someone, sometimes the best thing you can give them is your time and attention.

Benjamin Sullivan


Five Tips for Preparing Your 2018 Tax Return and Saving On Future Taxes

It's tax return time. Make sure you're not only doing them right, but looking to save on future taxes.

Julia Ernst, MS


Gut Hormone Shows Potential for Lowering Insulin Levels

By activating receptors on the cholecystokinin peptide hormone in the gut, University of Toronto researchers were able to “rapidly and potently" lower blood glucose levels.

Melinda Caliendo


The Most Common Professional Backgrounds of Healthcare Executives

There are 40,000 members in the American College of Healthcare Executives, and their professional backgrounds vary from nursing, to information technology, to finance.

R. E. Branch, MD


Stop Playing Roulette with Your Retirement

Relying on the stock market as your retirement investment tool of choice is a lot like using Las Vegas as your financial advisor. Here are some retirement investment options that are not contingent on stock-market performance.

Anna K. Pfaehler, CFP


Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Raises Complex Financial Issues

The Supreme Court's ruling to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8 raises complex financial planning and tax questions with no clear answers for many same-sex couples.

Stephen Pedneault, CPA/CFF, CFE


Where to Start with Employee Theft: Part II

Accusing an employee of embezzlement is not something to do lightly. There's a lot of research a practice should do before pointing fingers at anyone. However, once you do confirm that an employee has been stealing, you want to make sure you don't do anything to jeopardize a case that could mean getting your money back.

Jason Newfield, Esq.


How Disability Insurance Benefits Physicians

The decision to purchase individual disability insurance should be examined carefully with cost being only one determining factor.

Nancy Anderson


Where to Go? Try Our Favorite Travel Destinations

A reader hits up our travel columnists for advice on where to go when they travel. Here are their personal favorites -- and feel free to add some of your own suggestions in our comments section.

John Peiser


Considering Both Sides

Right now physicians are faced with much uncertainty, complexity and considerable pressure to change their ways. So how do you decide if private practice or hospital employment is right for you?

Yvonne Mart Fox


Be Proactive Now to Survive in this Economy

In this unprecedented economic environment, you have to make critical decisions and changes to keep your practice healthy. Your patients will always need you. Can you be there for them? How can you continue to provide your current level of care?

David Merzel, EA, CFE


Should Your Small or Solo Practice Join a Larger Group?

Although there are many benefits to consolidation, there are a few factors you should consider before making that move - including your compensation.

Terri Cullen


Top 10 Physician's Money Digest Stories of 2010

Since Physician's Money Digest's online relaunch this year, we've covered the gamut of personal finance, financial-planning and practice-management news for physicians. So what were the biggest financial news stories of 2010 among our readers? Take a look.

Frank Armstrong, III, CFP®, AIFA®


Put Your Retirement Plan on Steroids: What to do When a 401(k) Just Isn't Enough

Whether you work in a solo or group practice, you can turbo charge your retirement with a cash balance plan on top of your existing 401(k) plan.

Ryan Gray, MD


How To Say 'You're Fired!' Better Than Donald Trump

Whether you work in the medical profession or another industry, firing someone is one of the hardest things that a supervisor will ever have to do. And giving an employee the heave-ho due to performance issues is a particularly difficult task. It takes skill and savvy to avoid causing a scene, harming office morale and landing your practice in legal trouble.

Kathryn M. Walsh


Enhance Your Email Security, Reliability, and Professionalism

Ever feel like every move you make on the Internet is watched? Or wonder why business rivals or clients use branded email addresses that promote their businesses, instead of free, web-based services?

Nathan Fisher


How Medical Practices Can Better Prepare Medical Professionals for a Secure Retirement

Medical professionals commit their lives to improving the health and well-being of others and deserve a financially secure retirement.

Josh Mettle, Area Manager, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.


Home Buying Made Easy: Begin with the End in Mind

Buying a new home can be a stressful process, especially when you're on a time crunch. To help alleviate this self-made stress, consider a strategy that starts with how you want to end in mind.

Kenneth Rubinstein, Esq.


New Challenges to Physicians' Financial Security

The idea that physicians need to protect their assets from lawsuits is hardly new, but the rationale for the strategy has changed. Malpractice insurance policies are shrinking, plaintiffs' malpractice awards are growing. Never before has the medical profession been so vulnerable.

Charles P. Boinske, CFA


Managing Good and Bad Investment Risks

The key to long-term success in the stock market is to avoid the risks that carry no expected payoff and embrace those that do. You still can harvest returns by taking the right kind of risk.

Hal “Buzz” Coons, III, CPA


Still a Long Way to Go for Practice Finances

While physician practices have made a lot of progress in managing costs, typically, the billing, collections and accounts receivable processes haven't changed much over the years. Here's how you can update these issues.

Robert J. DiQuollo, CFP, CPA


Ask the Right Questions When Choosing a Financial Advisor

Before you hire a financial advisor to help you with your financial planning and investments, give some thought to what you are really looking for.

Pat Huddleston


Keeping Vigilant for Investment Fraud

At the SEC we used to say that if we found more than two doctors invested in any unregistered security, it was probably a fraud. Doctors are targeted that often.

Jon Ylinen


Common Provisions of Physician Employment Contracts

Although, physicians are by no means expected to be experts at reviewing employment contracts, they should be able to review and understand the common terms and provisions on their own.