Scott Brown, PhD


5 Characteristics of the Perfect Momentum Stock

Momentum trading is a strategy where an investor tries to capitalize on a stock's trend in hopes of riding the move further. Using these guidelines, momentum investors can rack up startling returns.

Craig Charney


Palin, Pundits and the People

Before the clamor of the second presidential debate tonight, let's re-examine the conventional wisdom that Republican Sarah Palin performed well in the Oct. 2 vice-presidential debate.

Keith Kamperschroer, CPA, CHCC


How to Find Money Under Your Own Roof

If someone were to tell you there are thousands of dollars hidden somewhere in your building, would you look for it? Medical practices are prime candidates for a cost segregation study, which can save thousands in taxes.

Lisa Silber, CPA


Life After Residency

Leaving residency or fellowship is the time physicians have to decide whether to remain employed by a hospital or go into private practice. Each scenario has pros and cons depending on lifestyle preferences.

Jeff Brown, MD


Is There Such a Thing as “Good Advice”?

Good advice – it’s the hardest thing in the world to find, but let’s start with this mental trick from Wharton Professor Rom Schrift. When you are facing any decision among choices, financial, or otherwise, add the option of “do nothing” to the list.

Gina Mitchell


Tax Time is Financial Planning Time

With tax refund checks now rolling in for Americans, many are deciding whether to splurge on luxurious items, such as an entertainment center or a vacation, or pay off that annoying credit card debt. While the short-term boost is welcome, tax time also provides a reminder to think about your long-term financial picture.



Seven Underrated Beach Destinations

When going to a new destination, many of us stick to the beaten path. But once you've been to a tourist-filled beach spot, you may be more interested in heading somewhere a tad more under-the-radar on your next visit.

Dave Dyer


What Happened to Gold's Luster?

Gold prices were very volatile last week, declining 13% over two days before rebounding. What is happening to gold prices and how should it continue to be used (if at all) in your investment portfolio?

Jenny L Harmon, CPA


Medical Fraud Right Under Your Nose

Are you staying vigilant for the various types of medical fraud that might be happening in your practice? Here are the high-risk areas and how to protect yourself.



The Best Months to Visit 6 European Cities in 2014

Europe is a popular destination year-round, so we've come up with an expert guide for how to spend six months in Europe. Here are the best European cities for each month.

Farah Moustafa


Who is Making Your Medical App?

Medical apps are one of the fastest growing sectors in the app market, and a new responsibility arising is management of transparency and conflict of interest issues surrounding these apps. Research Staff


5 Global Mutual Funds for High Return

Investors can no longer limit themselves to domestic investments. By holding widely diversified portfolios, selected after careful research, global mutual funds offer a secure and attractive opportunity for investors.

Dr. Timothy Harlan (aka Dr. Gourmet)


Breakfast: Still the Most Important Meal of the Day

It can be challenging to help patients make substantive lifestyle changes during brief office visits. A good place to begin is at the beginning-with breakfast.

Altamash Rahman


How Doctor-grading Websites Can Impact Your Practice

How would you handle negative comments left anonymously on an online physician-grading website?

Future Proof M.D.


Paying Off Med School Debt by Refinancing vs. Consolidating

According to the AAMC, 83 percent the class of 2016 left school with more than $100,000 in debt. If you are like the majority of medical school graduates out there, you're probably saddled with a good amount of student debt. Of those students, 44 percent plan to enter a loan forgiveness or repayment program. Consolidating and refinancing are just two of those options. To learn about these two payment plans, continue below.

Austin Buckett, ACA, CM&AA


Your Relationship with Your CPA Matters

Most physicians don't have a lot of extra time or experience to pour over financial statements, understand what they present and how they impact the practice. This is where your CPA can help.



Medical Apps for the iPhone

Didn't catch HCPLive's webinar live? Want to view it again or share with colleagues? The "Medical Apps for the iPhone" webinar is now archived.

Mandi J. Karvis, Esq.


Avoid Temptation to Alter Patient Records

Records alteration is problematic to say the very least and can have very serious implications - doing so calls into question the reliability of the information and can damage a physician's reputation.

Dinah Bird, Ph.D., CFP, CIMA


Retirement Cash Crunch

Generating income throughout retirement is a significant challenge. Common techniques, including asset liquidating, bonds, dividend-paying stocks and life annuities, all have significant risks associated with them.

Eric Anderson, MD & Nancy Anderson, RN


Book Review: Blue Latitudes, and How the World Changed Hawaii

Admirers of Captain James Cook might now find his celebrated 18th century pioneer explorations of the South Seas diminished by today’s would-be revisionists.

Greg Kelly


5 Positive Points Physicians Shouldn't Forget About Their Profession

The good news is that there is good news for the medical profession.

Joy Duce


How to Retain Valued Employees

Key employee retention is critical to the long-term health and success of your business. Consider these strategies for engaging and retaining your employees.

Robin Harding in Washington


Shrinking U.S. Deficit Charges the Political Battlefield

It is hard to remember how U.S. politicians behaved when the deficit was not their overriding electoral concern. By late next year, we may be finding out since the U.S. deficit is on a remarkably rapid decline, according estimates.

Ash Ahluwalia


Social Security: 10 Things You Should Know To Maximize Benefits

For most Americans, social security retirement benefits typically represent 30-60% of their retirement income and yet many recipients receive less money than they are entitled to.

Marc Lichtenfeld


Why You Shouldn't Listen to Analysts

After 18 years in the business, you'd think nothing could amaze me. But every time some clown upgrades or downgrades a stock or puts out a research note that moves the share price, I'm surprised.

Erin Raub,


6 Affordable European Hotels

When planning a European vacation, travelers envision strolling in Paris, tapas tasting in Barcelona, and museum-hopping in London. But sticker shock often sets in.

Nuesoft Technologies, Inc


Meaningful Use and the HITECH Act: Top Five Things to Know

Steven Rogers, Director of Product Management at Nuesoft Technologies, reviews changes that were made to the final rule of meaningful use earlier this year.

Adam Leone, CFP, ChFC


What Can I Do with Excess 529 Balances?

You did everything right: Proactively saved, raised an academically successful kid, and guided your child to the successful completion of her degree. There's just one problem: You've got leftover money in that 529 account.

Barbara Lewis


Solve the Retirement Dilemma with a Cash Balance Plan

Physicians can have a limited understanding of how much they need to save to fund 25 to 30 years of retirement causing them to upend their lives. Sometimes they need a catch-up solution that will let them increase their retirement account balance rapidly.

Art Fries


Picking a Disability Insurance Policy: How to Choose the Right Coverage for You

Disability insurance is a critical part of any physician’s financial planning, but the process of choosing a policy can be vexing.

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