Matthew Carr


The Investing Strategy With a 93.33% Success Rate

We live in a time of unprecedented access to data-not only real-time, but also historical. From an investor's standpoint, it opens the door to immense possibilities.

Kevin Cook


3 Ways to Play a Market Correction

There are plenty of reasons for people to assume the bull market is over, but these speculations ignored the soundness of the US economy and earning growth. Here are three pro-active strategies to benefit from the market correction.

Mike Sheehan


Home Buyer Credit Extended

First-time home buyer hurrying to close a real estate deal to get in on the home-buyer credit? Ease up on the ol' accelerator - the Senate recently passed a seven-month extension of the credit.

Thomas P. McGuinness, CPA, CVA


Prevent Theft in Your Practice with Internal Controls

By implementing some simple internal controls, such as ensuring that no one person on your staff is responsible for opening the mail, you can protect your medical practice from theft.

Cameron Short, CIMA


Choosing the Right Retirement Plan for Your Practice

There are a wide variety of retirement plan possibilities available to physicians, but many are not utilizing strategies that allow them to maximize their savings. Here are the best ways to maximize these wealth building/asset protection tools.

Elizabeth Sullivan


Cyber Insurance Becomes Necessity for Physicians' Offices

Growing data breaches make cyber insurance as indispensable as fire insurance for physicians.

Laura Mortkowitz


Reuters Names Top 15 Health Systems

Health care reform stimulated increased improvement in health systems, but a concerning number surfaced about mortality rates after patients leave the hospital.

Jay Hancock, Kaiser Health News


Obama Administration Disallows Plans without Hospital Coverage

Plans lacking substantial coverage of hospital and physician services do not qualify as "minimum value" coverage under the law and so do not shield employers from fines of $3,000 or more per worker, the Department of Health and Human Services said late Friday.

Neil Keller, CPA/ABV, CVA


How to Find Money Under Your Own Roof

If someone were to tell you there are thousands of dollars hidden somewhere in your building, would you look for it? Medical practices are prime candidates for a cost segregation study, which can save thousands in taxes.

Jason R. Knee


Key Benefits of a Physician Loan

You’ve worked hard, usually on little sleep, and now you’ve received your first employment offer outside of training. Now what?

Robert D. Primosch, Esq.


New Rules for Wireless Medical Device Development

The enormous growth of medical devices that use wireless telecommunications technology - and the corresponding need to accelerate testing of those products - have prompted regulators to take action.

Ryan Cole


Is Tech Worth What the Markets Are Paying?

Tech stocks are worth a lot of money, but some people are worried that it might just be the result of a bubble. Truth is, tech might be the best place to put your money right now.



The Only Smartphone Apps You Will Ever Need to Hack Your Locum Tenens Life

As a locum tenens physician, it's easy to lose track of documentation, schedules, and more as you travel from practice to practice filling in when that physician is absent, or when they are short-staffed. Here are some easy hacks to staying on track.

Taska Parker, CPA


Considerations for Selling a Practice

After physicians have evaluated their situation and determined that it is better to sell or merge their practice, the question becomes, "Now what?" Equity Research


3 Chemical Growth Stocks to Revitalize Your Portfolio

The chemical industry's upturn is expected to continue this year on an improving US economy, strong momentum in the automotive space, and continued healing across housing and commercial construction markets. Against that backdrop, these 3 stocks could make prudent investments.

Stephen A. Pedneault


Sound Internal Controls are Vital to Your Practice's Health

There is a shockingly high probability that your medical practice will become the victim of a theft by one of its own employees. But, with the right policies and measures in place, you can avoid it.

ReKeithen Miller, CFP


Year-End Planning with the Latest Changes

There are special tax challenges because of 2013 changes and the overturn of DOMA. Avoid tax penalties, plan for health insurance changes and capture new tax savings.

Julian Kaye, PhD


Vaccination Is Great for Kids, but What about for Your Practice?

The provision of comprehensive immunization programs for the US population is fraught with difficulties, particularly for the independent primary care/community physician.

Matthew White, Partner at White


Is Your Practice a Good Fit for a Cash Balance Retirement Plan?

Cash Balance plans can provide an alternative to your retirement savings plans for you and any employees in your practice. However, make sure your practice is the right fit for this plan before jumping in.

Tracey Ryniec


What Investments Are Working Now?

In 2009, you could have bought just about any stock and it would have moved higher. Thanks to the huge bull market, growth stocks are no longer invincible.

Michael Gallagher, MD


Are Your Finances Living on a Deserted Island?

Physicians trained in the practice of medicine inherently understand the need for multidisciplinary expertise in their professional lives; yet, they often fail to realize this principle holds true in their personal and financial lives as well.

Marvell Press Release


Marvell Drives 'Telehealth' Revolution with Moby MED - Always-On Medical Tablet

Marvell, a worldwide leader in integrated silicon solutions, today announced a bold new healthcare initiative to drive high performance mobile tablets based on its leading silicon solutions.

Jeremy Dym


Why You Should Start a 529 College Savings Plan Early

Saving for college requires an organized, disciplined approach. A 529 plan is the best way to start saving for college as soon as you’re able.

Larry Elkin


Should You Buy Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance can sometimes act more like a lottery ticket than serious insurance, so is it worth buying?

Paul Roemer


Meaningful Use, Procrustes, and the Morton's Fork

"Meaningful use," if used as a way to obtain federal incentive money is at best meaningless, at worst -- without numerous other initiatives -- it can disrupt your business. It seems to violate the dictum, "Do no harm."

Janet Critchley


Planning for the Worst for Your Retirement Portfolio

Experiencing a market downturn when you first begin to withdraw your retirement funds can have a dramatic negative effect over time on the value of your portfolio. As part of your overall financial plan you should "stress test" your portfolio before you retire.

Lydia M. Glatz, CPA


Key Strategies for Successful Physician Participation - Part II

Physicians perceive health reform as negative and not representative of their best interest, so it won't be easy to convince them that an ACO model will work best.

Larry Elkin, CFP, CPA


Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Raises Complex Financial Issues

The Supreme Court's ruling to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8 raises complex financial planning and tax questions with no clear answers for many same-sex couples.

Iltifat Hussain, MD


A Top Downloaded iPhone App Can Cause Patient Harm

An app that had been among Apple's top 10 paid claims it can monitor your blood pressure using only an iPhone. Can it really, though?