Sam Cohen, CFA


5 key stock market themes to keep an eye on in 2024

What will the 2024 financial year hold for investors? Here are some predictions.

Ralph Z. Levy Jr.


Tips for negotiating physician employment agreements for 2024

Are your employment agreements compliant with both state and federal law?

Lou Vadlamani, MD


Bringing cardiac care to the heart of rural America

The medical care disparity is widening between urban and rural America. What can we do about it?

Rema Padman


How to fight COVID with digital vaccines

As scientists endeavor to build biological vaccines for COVID-19, there is increasing recognition that societies must look beyond biological methods alone. This means “digital therapeutics,” are needed to change human behavior and build societal resilience.

Joshua Tarkoff, MD, MBA


Why improving communication can reduce physician burnout

Secure communications platforms can help reduce the hassle of trying to communicate with physicians, other care providers, staff, and patients.

Sandra Fyfe


ACIP 2023 Vaccination Schedule Update, At-a-Glance

The 2023 vaccination schedule, as recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Jeff Brandes


Risks of delaying your value-based care journey – what you need to know now

What are the potential opportunity costs of not making the transition to value-based care?

Molly Dean


How Biden’s push for women’s health research can use AI to eliminate biases once and for all

Women’s health research is finally getting the attention it deserves. Artificial Intelligence can ensure social drivers of health, barriers to care, bias, and more aren’t being overlooked.

Mark Schuster, MD, PhD


Making the case for self-care among physicians

Take care of yourself if you want to be able to take care of patients.

Craig Parker, JD


How care guidance support works

Care guidance supports physician practices and at-risk organizations to achieve health equity objectives and succeed in value-based care.

Ted Kyle


The physiology of obesity

What are the implications for primary care?

Scott A. Poulin


Cash balance pension plans can grow retirement savings

Cash balance pension plans are particularly well-suited to medical practices.

Ted Ranney


Telehealth best practices: Building a long-term workflow

Here’s what we’ve learned about telehealth best practices from those that have been the most successful.

Laurie Hofmann, MPH


Uncovering the secrets of 2020’s top performing practices

Study provides key insights into the strategies and attributes of the best performing independent practices of 2020.

Greg Davis


Why your practice needs an internet contingency plan

Doctors and staff should know how to respond if internet goes down for prolonged periods

Jay Ackerman


How AI can add value to value-based care

Technology has potential to improve provider efficiency and patient outcomes

Joseph Grimaldi


Addressing the labor shortage crisis by improving the employee experience

There’s no single solution, but physicians, nurses, and managers all have roles in recruiting and retaining employees.

Kevin Benner, Ph.D.


Why health care organizations need to build trust to drive digital transformation

Payers and providers must build trust among their patient bases to gain access to more quality data. But trust isn’t built overnight.

Patti Peets


Four strategies to reduce patient balances

Four simple steps can increase collection of patient balances while also preserving the practice-patient relationship.

Julia Laurin


When meds really matter

3 steps on the road to better patient outcomes

Dhiren Patel, PharmD, CECES, BC-ADM


Case Study: Reducing Renal Progression With SGLT-2 Inhibitors

A case study for a patient who required additional SGLT-2 inhibitors to help reduce progression of renal disease is presented, and Drs Robert Busch, Dhiren Patel, and Muthiah Vadugananthan share their final thoughts on renal protective agents.

Frank Ingari


Two critical meanings of health equity

A perspective on the CMS Innovation Center roundtable on health equity.

Anthony Comfort


Patient collection best practices to boost your bottom line

It’s important to understand current challenges that physician practices are facing with patient collections.

Beth Brooks, PhD, RN, FACHE


Health care hiring trends physicians need to know

Workplace predictions for this year and beyond

Beto Casellas


How doctors can help patients understand and cope with health care costs

Educating patients about their payment options produces better health outcomes and bolsters practice revenue

Patricia Weiser, Pharm.D.


Copay adjustment programs may worsen racial disparities in health outcomes

Copay accumulators, maximizers could reduce access to prescription medications among non-whites

Lupe Alonzo-Diaz


How becoming an accredited CME provider can benefit your organization

The benefits of CME don’t just apply to physicians — health care organizations can reap myriad benefits.

Peter Schoch


Six steps to improving equity in health outcomes

Understanding a patient's life circumstances is key to improving their health. Here's a guide for how to start.