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9 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety


Being a physician can often be stressful, here's 9 ways to help relieve that stress and any subsequent anxiety.

Being in a high-stress job can cause numerous health problems both immediately and over time. You can be anxious, lose sleep, and have high blood pressure. These things combined over time can lead to serious illnesses. Before you end up getting sick from stress you should try these nine easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

1. Walking - Walking is an easy way to relieve stress. If you walk while you work, though, you may consider doing some walking outside of work. Take a walk in a local park or around a track. If possible, walk to work. Adding in a few steps here and there will help you relieve some of the stress that is bottled up inside you.

2. Yoga - Yoga is designed to relieve stress and bring your body and mind into complete focus. Whether it is hot yoga or hatha yoga you can find one that suits your style and keeps you interested. Once you have started doing a yoga class you will find ways to bring yoga to work every day to help with anxiety and stress.

3. Socialize - Socialization outside of the workplace is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Meet up with some coworkers and go bowling or dancing. You can also get together with people who are not from your workplace. Getting out and having fun is the key here. Go enjoy a nice dinner in a new restaurant or see the latest action movie. Call up your friends and invite them over for a cookout. Being social will help curb your anxiety and stress from work.

4. Natural stress relief - There are many different natural products out there to help you relieve stress. Chamomile tea will help you relax. One of the many CBD oil benefits is the management of anxiety and stress. Doing some research into natural oils and supplements may help you find something that will relieve your stress and anxiety.

5. Get organized - Being organized will help you get rid of a bunch of your stress and anxiety. Someone who maintains order is also maintaining control of their life. Control is one of the keys to getting rid of stress and anxiety. Take time to organize your desk and calendar. The night before you should go over your schedule so you are not surprised by anything the next day. Little bits of organization will go a long way to relieving a lot of stress.

6. Electronics - You can cut some stress out of your life by turning off your electronics an hour before you go to bed. Now you may need to be on hand for emergencies, but other than that, put down your phone and tablet. Turn off your television and computer, and just relax. Pick up a book and read for a bit. Take a nice warm bubble bath. Turning off electronics will help you ease into sleep and help you relieve some of your anxiety and stress.

7. Music - When you have had a stressful day there is nothing like turning up the music and singing along. Or, if you listen to classical, conducting along with the music. Letting yourself get sucked into a song or two will help you forget the stress you dealt with all day. Singing along will help rid you of your anxiety and put a smile on your face. Take some time after work to listen to some music and escape from reality.

8. Be on time - The more you train yourself to be on time both to work and with anything that you are given to do, the less stressed you will feel. Putting things off only creates a higher level of anxiety and stress that you have to deal with later. Getting up a few extra minutes earlier in the morning will help you get to work on time and start your day relaxed. It will give you time to look over your schedule and make sure you have no last-minute meetings that have popped up. The more time you are the less stressed you will feel.

9. Pets - Pets are one of the best stress relievers we can own. They will listen without talking back and provide unconditional love and encouragement. Take time to be with your pet and play. Go to the park and play fetch or take a walk around the block. Sit on the sofa and let them sit beside you or in your lap. Pets are a great source of stress relief.

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