Jane Hurst


9 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Being a physician can often be stressful, here's 9 ways to help relieve that stress and any subsequent anxiety.

Bob Liggero


Moving Toward a No-Debt Lifestyle: 7 Steps to Consider

Any financial planning process begins with necessary changes in financial behavior - it's all about adopting good habits and abandoning bad ones. The first: start with nickels and dimes.

David Fessler


Today's No-Brainer Energy Investment

Recently, the International Energy Agency (IEA) published a report on total global investments in one specific form of "energy" in 2012. It pegged investment in this form of energy at between $310 billion and $360 billion. What is it? The answer might surprise you.

Jill Schwieters


Healthcare Recruiting in a Challenging Market

The biggest healthcare-recruiting challenge is finding, screening and qualifying the best candidates in a sea of applicants, and then attracting the right people. Some steps to take your recruiting approach to the next level.

Deborah Helton, CPA


New Policy Impacting Practice Investment Decisions

Purchasing a medical building or equipment, such as an MRI machine, can be a savvy investment move for physicians seeking to build their personal wealth portfolio.

Greg Stoller


Negotiating Indemnification Provision in Practice Purchases

An indemnification provision is generally common in a purchase agreement of a practice; and buyers and sellers have very different perspectives.

Dr Mark Lavercombe


Identifying and Living By Our "Why?"

Is "Why?" the critical career question that you never ask?

Paul Jacobs


If You Invest in Lyft or Uber, You Might be Taken for a Ride

Lyft and Uber are sweeping the country with their popular and easy to use ride share services. However, don't get lost in how much you like them as a consumer before you make an investing decision concerning either of these companies.

Phillip Stutts


Misunderstanding Obama's Race Problem

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius finally said what seems to be the unspoken elephant in the presidential campaign - that Barack Obama's race will be a factor for some voters on Election Day.

Laurie Samay


State Tax Authorities Increase Scrutiny on People Claiming New Domicile

Suppose you own 2 houses: one in a state with an income tax and another in an income-tax-free state, such as Florida or Nevada, where you spend an increasing amount of time. You're ready to assert you primarily reside in the tax-free state. Goodbye, big tax bill?

Jane M. Orient, MD


Why I Will Not Take Medicare Money

Russ had been the low bidder on a government job which he finished satisfactorily, on time, for the agreed-upon price. Things went unusually well, so he made more profit than expected. The government decided that he had made too much, and not only demanded a refund but also decided to audit all his private contracts.

Anthony D. Criscuolo, CFP


Is It Time to Have a Family Money Meeting?

People often find it harder to talk about money than politics, death, or religion; to get family money issues out in the open. You don’t necessarily have to be in the “1%†to benefit from having one or more family meetings.

Scott Howell, MD


Prospective Health Assessments Give Providers Actionable Insights into Individual Member Health Status

In today’s environment, the need for comprehensive, accurate patient data to monitor and manage chronic conditions is critical for effective population health management.

Grace Carter


How to Write an Effective Physician Resume

A physician’s resume can be a tricky thing to write. Follow this guide to ensure you write an effective resume that encompasses all of your skills and experience to land your next job.

Kurt Ullman


Practice Benchmark Report Shows Reason for Hope

Operating margins for community oncology practices are decreasing, although the trend seems to be slowing, buying some time for practices to adjust their business models and perhaps survive.

Zacks Mutual Fund Rank


Top-Ranked Health Care Mutual Funds

The health care sector is one of the most desirable avenues for parking investments when markets are headed south and these five health mutual funds are expected to outperform their peers in the future.

Shomari Hearn, CFP


Holidays Highlight Need for Ample Liability Insurance

An unexpected situation could put you at risk of landing in court. An umbrella policy can protect your finances in case of a big lawsuit.

Candyce H. Stapen


When to Buy Holiday Airline Tickets to Save the Most Money

Even though we’re barely beyond Labor Day, Hipmunk suggests we start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas if we want to spend less money on airfare. To save the most on flights to see friends and relatives who live in the top 20 largest markets, the travel booking site recommends we purchase airline tickets six weeks in advance.

Janet L. Critchley, CPA, PFS, MST


Save for Retirement and Borrow for College Instead

Many parents don't want to burden their children with college loans, but young people have a lifetime of earnings ahead of them they can use to pay down their debts. Parents can't borrow their way into retirement.

Mary Agnes Carey


Burwell: It's Up To States, Congress To Help Consumers If Court Strikes Down ACA Subsidies

It will be up to state officials and Congress to help consumers who can't afford health insurance if the Supreme Court strikes down health law subsidies for millions of Americans, Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell said Wednesday.

Steve McDonald


Investment Advice from a Crook

Bernie Madoff recently spoke to MarketWatch and had some interesting advice for the SEC and the small investor. A lot of what he had to say, most people have heard before, but some of it is great, new advice.

Co-founder, Human Interest


End of Year 401(k) Tips for Private Practice Owners

Making sure your personal, and employee's, 401(k) is the best it can be should be a priority as you head into the new year. Using this guide, you might be able to find ways to make your plan better.

Manny Oliverez


Chronic Care Management Reimbursement: Why Aren't More Doctors Billing for It?

When the program first began, CMS anticipated many physicians would take advantage of this new source of revenue. But instead of jumping on the bandwagon, quite a few doctors have opted not to participate in billing for CCM services under CPT code 99490.

Adam Hochron


How a New Medical School Aims to Address New Jersey's Physician Shortage

A new medical school coming to New Jersey will be the state's first private medical school and, officials hope, a key engine to address the physician shortage.

Carolyn Colwell


10 Hidden Gem Travel Destinations You Won't Find in Most Guidebooks

If you're an avid traveler, chances are you've got a list of well-known places you'd like to visit one day. These 10 destinations may not be well known, but they certainly warrant a spot on your travel "bucket list."

Jeff Kaplan, MD


If Costly Care Is the Elephant in the Room, What's the Insurance Industry?

Although new regulations governing the insurance industry will soon take effect, we still face rising costs and uneven quality of care.

Anne Dunne, RN-BC, MBA, MSCN


Take Advantage of Extended Tax Deduction

Until the end of 2011, medical practices can write off up to $500,000 of new equipment expenditures - on things like diagnostic instruments and EMR software - in a single tax year as opposed to multiple years.

Jason M. O'Dell


You Can Lose Assets in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit - Part II

Don't fool yourself. If an attorney has the opportunity to attack unprotected assets in order to get a client paid in full, they will do so. Further, if they didn't pursue those assets, the attorney would then be liable for malpractice to the client.

Becker’s Orthopedic & Spine


40 of the Most Powerful People in Health Care: Part 4

A list of the 40 most powerful people in health care was released on January 5 by Becker's Orthopedic & Spine. The final members of the list includes HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius; chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson William C. Weldon; and various heads of health systems.

Ashley Jorgensen, marketing director,


USPS Promotional Periods to Take Advantage of for Multimedia Marketing

Taking a multimedia approach for your marketing can give you the opportunity to reach, and retain, a wider audience. Here’s how to make sure this approach doesn’t break your budget.

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