Ohio state laws and regulations that affect your medical practice

1. May physicians advertise in Ohio?

Ohio permits physician advertising but disallows false, fraudulent, deceptive or misleading statements in advertising, including misrepresentations of fact, ads that are likely to mislead or deceive because of a failure to disclose material facts, statements that are likely to create false or unjustified expectations of favorable results, or statements or implications that would cause an ordinary person to misunderstand or be deceived. Ohio law also prohibits representations that an incurable disease can be cured as well as offers to waive deductibles or co-payments.

R.C. §4731.22

2. May a physician participate in activities that solicit prospective patients?

A physician can be disciplined for receiving anything of value for the referral of a patient.

R.C. §4731.22

3. May physicians advertise their fees or that services are provided free of charge or at discounted rates?

There is not a specific prohibition on advertising fees, but ads must not be fraudulent or misleading and a physician cannot advertise the waiver of a co-payment or deductible.

R.C. §4731.22

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