Friday 5 from Practical Cardiology - April 30

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The Friday 5 from Practical Cardiology is a list composed by the Practical Cardiology editorial staff aimed at highlighting relevant coverage of news in cardiovascular medicine.

Every Friday, Practical Cardiology provides a curated list of 5 articles focused or related to a particular topic. This week, the Friday 5 from Practical Cardiology highlights the latest edition of Inside Cardiology, which features a 5-part panel discussion with Practical Cardiology Editorial Advisory Board members Guy Mintz, MD, Lucia Novak, CRNP, and Brett Nowlan, MD.

USPSTF Statement Reaffirms 2015 Blood Pressure Screening Guidance

The USPSTF has released a recommendation statement related to hypertension screenings among adults without known hypertension.


Rates of PCSK9 Inhibitor Initiation in ASCVD Patients Still Lagging Behind

A new analysis of claims data performed by clinicians at Penn Medicine suggests less than 1% of patients with ASCVD initiated therapy with a PCKS9 inhibitor from 2015-2019.

SCAI 2021

Check out the latest coverage from the annual Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions 2021 Virtual Scientific Sessions.

ISCHEMIA Represents a Fraction of Patients with SIHD Undergoing PCI

An analysis comparing a national registry against ISCHEMIA enrollment criteria suggests trial eligibility represents less than 2% of all patients undergoing PCI and less than a third of patients undergoing PCI with stable ischemic heart disease.

Extended-Duration DAPT Reduces Mortality, Event Rate in TWILIGHT-like Patients

An SCAI 2021 analysis of more than 4k patients with characteristics similar to those included in the TWILIGHT trial indicates extended-duration DAPT, defined as a duration of more than 12 months post-PCI, was a more efficacious approach than short-term DAPT in this patient population.

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