Friday 5 from Practical Cardiology - April 23

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The Friday 5 from Practical Cardiology is a list composed by the Practical Cardiology editorial staff aimed at highlighting relevant coverage of news in cardiovascular medicine.

Every Friday, Practical Cardiology provides a curated list of 5 articles focused or related to a particular topic. This week, the Friday 5 from Practical Cardiology highlights the latest edition of Inside Cardiology, which features a 5-part panel discussion with Practical Cardiology Editorial Advisory Board members Guy Mintz, MD, Lucia Novak, CRNP, and Brett Nowlan, MD.

1. Delaying, Cancelling Surgeries Has Taken Toll on Patients with Cardiovascular Conditions

Data from phone interviews indicate patients who had cardiovascular surgeries delayed or cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic may have experienced additional psychological stress as a result.

2. Study Warns of Increased Incidence, Risk of Death with Arrhythmias in Cannabis Users


An analysis of the National Inpatient Sample is shedding light on cannabis use and the risk of death among patients with arrhythmia.

3. Preventing Stroke: Management of Patients Undergoing Noncardiac and Nonneurological Surgery

A cardiovascular anesthesiologist, breaks down and provides real-world perspective on the application of a recent scientific statement from the AHA/ASA on perioperative management to lower stroke risk in patients undergoing noncardiac and nonneurological procedures.

4. Aspirin Without an Indication Comes with More Risk than Reward in Patients on DOACs

Data from a group of anticoagulant clinics in Michigan suggests aspirin use without an indication in patients with atrial fibrillation or VTE using DOACs was associated with an increased risk of bleeding and hospitalizations.

5. Your Provider Will See You Now, with Gregory Weiss, MD

Dr. Gregory Weiss weighs in on the ongoing debate over using the term provider to refer to doctors, which has recently been reignited on social media.

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