Friday 5 from Endocrinology Network - May 14

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The Friday 5 from Endocrinology Network is a list composed by the Endocrinology Network editorial staff aimed at highlighting relevant coverage from endocrinology and endocrinology-related fields.

Every Friday, Endocrinology Network provides a curated list of 5 articles focused or related to a particular topic in endocrinology. This week, the Friday 5 from Endocrinology Network highlights the 5 most popular articles from the past week.

US Preventive Services Task Force Reinforces 2015 Blood Pressure Screening Guidelines

The USPSTF recommendation reaffirms their 2015 stance, which calls for screening adults 18 years or older with office blood pressure measurement and obtaining measurements outside of a clinical setting for diagnostic confirmation before starting treatment.

Impact of Obesity on Risk of Severe COVID-19 Among Patients in England

Data from more than 1500 general practices are providing a comprehensive overview of the impact of obesity on risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes in England—suggesting each BMI increase beyond 23 kg/m2 increased risk of hospital admission and death.


Dasiglucagon Demonstrates Superiority to Placebo for Severe Hypoglycemia in Phase 3 Trial

New information from a phase 3 trial used as part of the FDA approval is providing insight into the safety and efficacy of dasiglucagon for treatment of severe hypoglycemia in adult patients with type 1 diabetes.

FDA Approves Dapagliflozin for Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease

With approval in late April, dapagliflozin becomes the first SGLT2 inhibitor to receive approval for treatment of chronic kidney disease, heart failure, and type 2 diabetes.

Hypertension, Albuminuria Present in Nearly 1-in-4 Cases of Pediatric Type 2 Diabetes

A study from McMaster University is providing updated information related to the prevalence of hypertension and albuminuria in younger patients with type 2 diabetes.

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