CCE Seizure Disorders: University of Washington - Selection criteria

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Awards and distinctions that make the University of Washington Regional Epilepsy Center a Center of Excellence.

University of Washington Regional Epilepsy Center
Seattle, Washington

1976: Department founded

Number of employees: 34. Staff : 8 neurologists, 3 neurosurgeons, 2 neuropsychologists, 2 social workers, 4 outpatient nurses; 4 psychometrists, 7 EEG technologists, 4 clerical staff.

4,080: Outpatient visits annually

20: Number of referrals weekly

50: Resections performed annually

300: Long-term EEG monitoring admissions annually


55: Wada tests annually

150: Annual cases for neuropsychological testing2,600: EEG procedures annually

30-49: Approximate research protocols annually (10 basic science, 9 clinical trials, 10 to 20 other)

National awards, recognition, key staff:George Ojemann, MD, is the recipient of the Lennox Award from the American Epilepsy Society and has performed more than 1,000 resections.

75: Annual faculty publications

Patient education programs: Customized, home-based depression treatment program.