CCE Gynecologic Oncology: Yale University -- Selection criteria

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Awards and distinctions that make the Yale University's Cancer Center a Center of Excellence.


Cancer Center
New Haven

, Connecticut

Quality Improvement Initiatives underway:  (1) Training in properhand hygiene; (2) “Goals of Care Project”: A hospital-wide initiative that uses a team approach to identifying patients transitioning to palliative/end-of-life care, and identifying appropriate treatment options for them; and (3) Programs are in place to prevent deep vein thrombosis, pressure ulcers, and falls.

National Awards and recognition: Department received a Press Gayne award for quality improvement for achieving 99 percent rank one quarter in 2008. Department faculty have received a total of 20 national awards thus far in their careers.

Number of referrals: 8,300 per year


Number of patients treated annually: 8,134

Number of research protocols engaged in annually: 12

Systems in place to prevent errors: A Pyxis® MedStation™ 3500 machine programmed to nurse’s individual fingerprint ensures patient receives correct medication. Chemotherapy double check verifies  administration of chemotherapy, bed alarms to prevent patients at risk for falling

Follow-up care programs: All patients receive a discharge phone call 1-3 days post-hospitalization for general follow-up and medication reconciliation.

Patient education efforts: A pre-operative hysterectomy class is offered once a week on unit, while a pre-operative hysterectomy website provides education for patients. New oncology patients receive a binder containing information about hospital, diagnosis, treatment, resources, and community programs.

Patient satisfaction survey results: 90.6 percent satisfaction among outpatients.

Evidence of incorporating research and clinical care: Discovery to Cure program