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Hacked symbol on computer circuit board open padlock: © weerapat1003 -
Change Healthcare hack needs federal help, management groups say

February 29th 2024

Tech company identifies Blackcat hacking group as attacker disrupting computerized health and financial transactions across the nation.

capitol hill congress washington dc summer sunset: © Philip -
Senators line up to support restoring physician reimbursement cut in Medicare

February 23rd 2024

doctor fills out medical prior authorization paperwork: © Pakin -
Prior authorizations: Containing costs or obstructing health care?

February 22nd 2024

U.S. capitol congress © Sagittarius Pro -
Consumers want and need price transparency in health care, lawmaker says

February 22nd 2024

American capital building © W.Scott McGill -
On prior authorizations and Medicare Advantage reforms: a lawmaker’s perspective

February 20th 2024

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