COVID-19 pandemic brings telehealth into U.S. homes

August 13, 2020

ByConor Duffy|Peter Struzzi

What will the post-COVID-19 health care landscape look like?

Health care's future: telehealth, payment models and more

August 11, 2020

ByChris Mazzolini

The COVID-19 pandemic will have an unprecedented effect on the U.S. heath care system.

Teladoc Health, Livongo merge in massive deal

August 11, 2020

ByKeith A. Reynolds

The merger is expected to create a comprehensive platform for virtual healthcare delivery.

Overcoming resistance to telehealth

August 11, 2020

ByJeff Bendix, Senior Editor|Logan Lutton

Russell Libby, MD, says that while some problems require hands-on medical treatment, both patients and doctors are learning to appreciate the ease and convenience of telehealth visits.

Is your practice safe from hackers?

August 07, 2020

ByTodd Shryock

Attacks are on the rise, and health care facilities are prime targets.

Improve medication adherence with technology

August 06, 2020

ByThomas E. Sullivan, M.D.

One-fourth of new prescriptions are never filled — and even when filled, up to 50% of patients with chronic conditions fail to take their medications as prescribed.