It’s not too soon to learn lessons from COVID-19 pandemic

June 26, 2020

Here are four critical communications strategies to help deal more effectively with the next crisis.

Why we need to rethink treating obesity with physical activity

June 24, 2020

We need to re-examine the role of physical activity in obesity management. Here’s why.

How to overcome blind spots to better help patients

June 24, 2020

After speaking with multiple physician experts, I now have the tools to begin to identify and overcome my own implicit biases—and so can you.

Ethical principles in health care prove critical to protecting health care workers in pandemic

June 18, 2020

Many health care workers have seen their practice disrupted and their patients suffer fallout during the pandemic. These heroes need protection.

Why changing to concierge medicine during COVID-19 was the best decision I ever made

June 15, 2020

Far from being risky or ill-timed, my transition to concierge medicine has benefited both me and my patients in ways that continue to beautifully unfold.

Physicians, not payers, call the telemedicine shots

June 10, 2020

Health plans may limit patients’ in-network options