Traudy Grande, CFP


Physician investing tips in a time of crisis

How physicians at different stages of their career should approach their investments in the time of COVID-19.

Payal Kohli, MD


Exploring the link between atrial fibrillation and type 1 diabetes

A recent study may be first of its kind to report association while also highlights an interesting gender difference in patients.

Kimberly Danebrock


How to use social media to promote your practice

Social media is more powerful than you think. It has become increasingly common for patients to find their physicians online. Creating a positive online presence can be one of the easiest ways to market your practice and make a lasting impression on patients.

Ryan Gamlin


Administrative costs are killing U.S. healthcare

The United States faces an unenviable paradox: the healthcare sector is an important source of job growth and economic output, but healthcare costs-now comprising nearly one fifth of economic output-are dramatically higher than those in other developed nations, and continue to rise.

Mark Rowh


7 tips for deciding where to practice medicine

It is hard to overstate the importance of some decisions. In the life of a physician, the choice of where to practice certainly falls into that category. Here's how to make the best choice for you.

Inspira Financial


Premium Content Preview | Financing Growth for Healthcare Businesses and Practices

Discover the most popular finance options for hospitals and clinics. Learn four ways to overcome reimbursement challenges and improve cash flow, including factoring accounts receivable and borrowing from lenders.

james J. Marino, MD


Demanding the end of ABIM recertification exams

The American Board of Internal Medicine is an organization tasked with protecting the public from dangerous internists. That is a noble goal, however, their methods are of dubious value.

Janis Coffin, DO, FAAFP, FACMPE


Improving quality and increasing star ratings

What you need to know to perform better on quality measures and get a higher rating.

Lisa Price, MD


Physicians shouldn't fear death talk with patients

The advance directive. The words instill a sense of foreboding, a finality not many are prepared to face.

David Raths


Tips for getting past technology glitches

Sometimes the struggles are not with the workflow changes or patient engagement, but with the portal software itself.

Adam Levy


Top 10 tips to unlock telehealth’s potential in your practice

With the advent of new technologies (particularly those enabling real-time video communication), telehealth is becoming an increasingly common means of providing healthcare services.


Premium Content Preview | Understanding HIPAA: Background Checks

Do you know if employee background checks are required under HIPAA? The answer is revealed in this article that covers analyzing your risk, implementing your policy, monitoring and auditing as well as ongoing risk management.

Jeffrey Gene Kaplan, MD, MS


Insurance companies can be lousy advocates

A critique of the role of an insurance company, payer, exchange or entitlement program

Carol Gibbons RN, BSN, NHA


What you must have in your employee handbook

If you don't have these six items in your handbook, you are putting your practice at risk.

Dava Stewart


How to choose your HIPAA security officer

In smaller practices, the position of security officer is often filled by whoever appears to have the time to fill it.

Glen Stream, MD, FAAFP, MBI


Delivering value in healthcare starts with increased primary care investment

To truly improve patient care and reduce costs, primary care is the best buy in healthcare. Here’s why.

Ed Finkel


MOC-limiting laws spreading to additional states

At least 21 states now have passed or considered bills to protect physicians who choose not to fulfill American Board of Medical Specialties requirements for Maintenance of Certification

Mary K. Pratt


DIY Telemedicine

The policies, technology, security, and reimbursement guidelines a practice needs in place to make telemedicine work

John D. Fanburg, JD


Key considerations before selling your practice to a private equity firm

Physicians owners must understand their motivations for selling and those of the potential purchaser for buying.

Dave Parks


Post-acute care networks grow amid concerns from independent doctors

Health system executives will be focusing their attention on post-acute care networks over the next three years, according to Premier, Inc.’s spring 2016 Economic Outlook Survey.

Keith Loria


How to ask for a raise — and get it

Physicians often feel undervalued and request salary raises. This is something that needs to be handled carefully if they want the answer to be “yes.”



Premium Content Preview | The Four Types of Payers

TSI recognizes that every situation and every client requires and deserves a unique solution to their individual problems. We don’t treat clients as one-size-fits-all, so why would we treat payers any differently? In “The Four Types of Payers”, we explore what defines each type of payer and what motivates them to pay, determining what approaches work best for each situation.

Monya De, MD MPH


White men need to do their part and make healthcare safe again

Yes, white women voted for Trump in large numbers as well, but, across the country, the Republican leadership primarily relies on the votes of white men. For now, this is the group that is most powerful when it steps up.

Larry Beresford


What can mindfulness offer to you and your patients?

In addition to helping patients better manage chronic, difficult-to-treat conditions, mindfulness could help physicians manage job stress and burnout.

Richard Best


Is outsourcing the key to solving physician burnout?

Running a physician practice is a lot different-and substantially more challenging-than it used to be.

Wendy Wolfson


Strategies for making primary care practices more efficient

Your primary care practice team may not be as efficient as it could be, particularly for patients with complex, chronic health needs

Liz Seegert


5 strategies to reduce malpractice lawsuit threats

When it comes to getting sued for medical malpractice, it is unfortunately more a case of “when” than “if.”

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