Jim Higgins


Texting tips for various patient types

Patients are accustomed to texting in all facets of their lives and those habits carry over into their relationship with their doctor.

Batya Swift Yasgur, MA, LSW


5 interview questions for your next physician hire

This face-to-face encounter enables physicians and other staff to get to know a candidate in ways that go beyond a resume on a desk and letters of recommendation.

Kumar Yogesh, MD


A call for physicians to denounce third parties once and for all

I appeal to my fellow physicians, let us denounce with a single voice practices by third parties.

Charles Saunders, MD


5 reasons why your EHR isn't enough for success in value-based care

Keeping in mind that the core mandate of value-based care is shifting accountability to providers for the holistic quality and cost of the care they deliver, five shortcomings of legacy EHRs become apparent.

Niti Yogesh, PA-S


Here’s the answer to fixing healthcare

The United States Congress failed once again to come up with any meaningful changes in Obamacare

Paula Purdy, CMA (AAMA)


A physician’s solution to rising healthcare demands

Qualified medical assistants can help primary care practices become more efficient, reduce patient wait times and streamline patient processing, which ultimately increase patient satisfaction.

Rebecca Sutphen, MD, FACMG


How Medicare coverage of genetic counseling could decrease care costs and improve quality

A new bill recently introduced to Congress would not only reduce barriers to genetic counseling for Medicare patients, but also could significantly decrease costs of caring for elderly and low-income patients.

Jim Higgins


Becoming the ideal doctor: What do your patients really want?

The important differentiating characteristics patients seek in a primary care physician may not be what you'd expect.

Dennis J. Alessi


How to express sympathy without receiving a malpractice lawsuit

The conundrum for physicians is how they can express their humanity in this situation without incurring the risk of the patient subsequently attempting to use the physician's statement as evidence of malpractice in a lawsuit.

Jim Denny


How physicians can stabilize revenue

Physician practices are facing confusion and frustration due to the shift to value-based care and the ever-rising cost of care. Physicians seeking to stabilize their revenue amidst this chaos typically find themselves facing several challenges.

Valerie Rock


Everything doctors need to know about new payment review strategies

What to do if you receive an outlier coding notice

Kelly Leggett, MD


This is why we need to accelerate value-based care

Much like the Accountable Care Act (ACA) debate in 2010, the current political debate over repealing and replacing the ACA is focused on coverage and cost.

Bill Ho


Can technology increase MACRA reimbursements?

Technology can improve patient satisfaction, speed of treatment, and accuracy, which can positively impact patient outcomes.

Juan Pablo Segura


Will lack of reimbursement end the rise of telemedicine?

Will telehealth’s proven success through the pandemic be enough to engrain it into the system?

Joel Diamond


Consumer genomics: Next direction or next distraction?

Patients are more interested in knowing their health risks than ever before.

David L. Keller, MD


Physicians cannot control patients’ illicit opioid use

Doctors risk being blamed for the unknown percentage of patients at risk of addiction and overdose, regardless of what we do, regardless of how prevalent abuse may be in a community.

John Alcantara


3 key money matters for new medical practices

Many physicians don’t know where to begin when starting their own practice. Finding and getting referred to the right professional team often is the best first step.

Anne McClellan, JD


Could your website be putting your medical license at risk?

Failure to properly secure electronic Protected Health Information (PHI) can have drastic consequences.

Stephen Patt, MD


Here’s how physicians can combat patient gripes

I was recently inspired by another article in Medical Economics, and curiously, have a solution for each legitimate gripe, based on decades of sorting through the combatants in this health-care disaster we’re engaged in on a daily basis.

Jeffrey Millstein, MD


Don't implode EHR use, improve it

Healthcare is not returning to paper, so rather than complain about the digital obstacles in their way, physicians should put that energy into meaningful change.

Amy Ouellette


Questions every physician should ask about their practice’s retirement plan

As a physician, you’ve made a career out of improving the well-being of your patients. Make sure you’re setting your practice and yourself up with the tools needed to look after your own financial wellbeing.

Nick van Terheyden, MD


Physicians, patients truly benefit from new hypertension guidelines

Despite skepticism from some physician groups, updated blood pressure guidelines are good for patients and physicians.

Jordan Rosenfeld


8 best practices for medical malpractice defense

Prepare as if you expect to be sued.

Shelly K. Schwartz


How urgent care relates to physicians practices

An in-depth look into how these new care collaborators can complement, not compete, with your services.

Joseph Burns


ACO Improvement Act aims to reduce barriers to better care

A bill with bipartisan support in Congress would not only change how Medicare assigns patients to physicians in accountable care organizations (ACOs), but also help patients afford their care and foster use of telemedicine.

InLight EHR


Premium Content Preview | Case Study - Benefits of an EHR with Membership Management

After using multiple EHRs, Dr. Dan Weeden saysPri-Med InLight EHR is like a “breath of fresh air.”

Elizabeth Pector, MD


King MU is dead. Long live King MIPS.

Through their tears of grief and joy at the approaching death of MU, doctors and health system administrators wonder, “What’s next?”

Kathy Chebib, BS, MT


7 strategies to maintain a successful vaccine program

A practice’s immunization program requires constant attention and oversight. Here are seven best practices to consider.

Alan Johnson, MD


7 strategies to maintain a successful vaccine program

A practice’s immunization program requires constant attention and oversight. Here are seven best practices to consider.

Monte Sandler


7 indicators to optimize your practice's revenue

Within many physicians practices, there is a relatively untapped resource for optimizing revenue-business operations data. There has never been a better time to dive into this type of data-it can show both areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

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