William M. Gilkison, MD


Physician burnout led to my retirement

Every day was met with new challenges, new policies, or denial of payment.

Hannah Douglas


Why are women leaving medicine?

The physician field remains largely male despite equality in medical school numbers

Nicole Lewis


Physicians need to be vigilant when choosing RCM solutions

Before physicians buy a revenue cycle management system they should do more than listen to a vendor’s sales pitch.

Erik Leander


Six common pandemic-related malpractice insurance questions

The COVID crisis has created uncertainty around malpractice coverage. Here are the answers to six common questions.

Richard Reich


How to choose the best physician disability insurance policy

Physicians are some of the hardest working individuals in the country. Years of rigorous training culminate in long hours at the practice. Even physicians can overlook the importance of protecting their ability to earn a living. When something as trivial as a sprained wrist can prevent a doctor from completing their daily tasks, disability insurance becomes a real consideration.

Sarah Brown


Top 6 ways to protect medical devices from hackers

Every device with a wireless internet connection can potentially be broken into, and studies show that 1 in 4 people has been hacked. Over the past few years, white hat hackers have breached a variety of medical devices, proving that a skilled hacker could gain access to medical equipment and wreak havoc from a remote location.

Peter Scott


7 telemedicine myths debunked

The market for telemedicine is big and growing, yet despite the growth in telemedicine, many physicians resist it.

StarFleet Research


Premium Content Preview | The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Medical Practice Management Solutions

Regardless of size or area of specialization, every healthcare practice today needs a medical practice management (PM) solution that delivers optimal results. The technology serves as the very lifeblood of the organization, facilitating interactions and transactions between patients and information. A next-generation solution helps ensure that all facets of the practice run like a well-oiled machine - streamlining workflow, improving information access, enhancing patient healthcare quality and driving better financial outcomes. Without the right solution, it becomes virtually impossible to run a modern-day practice in an efficient and effective manner, let alone maximize revenue and profitability in what may be a highly competitive environment that, increasingly, is also beset by regulatory controls.

Lynn Triffletti, CPC


Step-by-step approach to HIPAA compliance

There are more than 50 policies that medical practices may have to implement to comply with the Health Insurance Portabilityand Accountability Act (HIPAA), so it’s no wonder meeting these requirements may appear overwhelming, especially for smaller practices with limited time and resources.

JT Ripton


7 telemedicine myths debunked

The market for telemedicine is big and growing, yet despite the growth in telemedicine, many physicians resist it.

Tom Giannulli, MD, MS


Independent doctors find success with physician-led ACOs

There are over 600 accountable care organizations (ACOs) in the United States-and half of them are physician-led.

John Campbell, JD


Tips for succession planning for private practices

Nearly 40% of doctors in the U.S. are aged 50 or older, and one in four are 65 or older, according to the American Medical Association. For these baby boomers, retirement is a fast-approaching reality. As they ponder their next life phase, doctors who own private practices face several challenges unique to the profession.

Tom Furr


Waiting on Congress to fix healthcare could be hazardous to physicians

Now that we’ve seen what’s in the Republican’s senate healthcare bill, it’s unlikely health insurers will reverse their business-driven decisions.

Bonnie Jortberg, PhD, MS, RD, CDE


How to get patients to grab an apple and ditch the donuts

When it comes to nutrition, Americans in droves are ignoring the advice to eat more fruits and vegetables. Instead, we’re eating donuts. Lots of donuts.

Paul Nicolaus


Does the rise of digital care spell trouble for primary care practices?

The telehealth boom begs the question: Will the expansion of hospital-based services wind up pulling patients-and revenue-away from primary care practices?

Amanda L. Waesch


What new rules on overtime pay mean to physician practices

In May of this year, President Obama and the U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”) released the long-awaited Final Rule revising the minimum salary requirement for an employee to qualify for the overtime exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). All changes under the rule will take effect on December 1, 2016.

Lisa A. Eramo, MA


Providing culturally competent care

How cultural competence helps physicians improve outcomes and achieve value-based financial incentives

Barbara Mantel


Why do doctors ignore hospital rankings?

Some experts think physicians rely too much on personal connections and reputations when admitting patients

Karen Coyne, CFP


Diagnosing the Four Biggest Financial Misconceptions of Dual-Physician Families

Managing the family finances is important for a family of two high-income (and highly taxed) earners.

Anish Koka


Making free markets work in medicine

It stands to reason that the best way to deal with unaffordable healthcare isn’t to take a second mortgage out on the house, but to make healthcare more affordable.

Nancy M. Enos, FACMPE, CPC


How to code and bill for transitional care management

The goal of transitional care management (TCM) codes is to achieve increased involvement of primary care physicians (PCPs) in order to improve patient care and reduce mistakes in care coordination that can lead to readmission.

Todd Shryock


Report: Physician compensation not keeping up with inflation

Even a doubling of median total compensation was not enough to keep up with record inflation rates

Ken Fisher, MD


Save Medicare by allowing patients to choose

An American solution focusing on individuality and conserving resources  can save the Medicare program.

Henry Anhalt, DO


Dr. Google is now Dr. Facebook ad

In today’s world, “internet” and “privacy” feel like opposites that do not belong in the same sentence.

Jake DiBattista


Is there a real time advantage to telemedicine?

Time is money, and nowhere is this truer than in the world of healthcare.

Lisa Eramo, MA


Use these two CPT modifiers to get paid correctly

During a typical office visit, physicians may provide evaluation and management (E/M) services, minor procedures and more. The question is: Can they bill for each one separately?

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