Author | Joseph Burns


ACO Improvement Act aims to reduce barriers to better care

March 25, 2018


A bill with bipartisan support in Congress would not only change how Medicare assigns patients to physicians in accountable care organizations (ACOs), but also help patients afford their care and foster use of telemedicine.

Medicare payment advisory board in Congress’ crosshairs

September 10, 2017


IPAB was established in 2010 to cut Medicare spending if the program’s five-year growth rate rose faster than a target growth rate. Because IPAB could make those cuts without Congressional oversight, there is concern about how reductions in Medicare spending would affect its 57 million beneficiaries

New state laws let patients refuse opioid prescriptions

June 10, 2017


Four states have passed laws allowing patients to insert directives into their medical records saying they refuse their physicians’ prescriptions for opioids.

GOP Doctors Caucus: We’re watching MACRA

April 10, 2017


The 16-member caucus remain concerned about how the law could affect physicians.