MGMA 2022: Leadership vs. management

A medical practice needs to have both leaders and managers.

When directing a medical practice or medical group, too often one falls into simply managing instead of leading.

As part of a session titled, “Creating a data-driven, high-performance culture” Karl E. Sundberg, FACHE, CMPE, CEO of Catalyst Medical Group in Idaho said that when a practice or medical group is going through a transformational cultural change.

“As leaders, we need to check ourselves when we start to drive change,” he said. “What mode are we in?”

He identifies managing as a more short-term day-to-day mode of leading a practice, but still highlighted the necessity of managing.

“We have to mind the little things,” Sundberg said. “But when you want to be that driving force for change and start to create a culture where everyone in your organization is behind that, we have to be in leader mode.”

The session came during the Medical Group Management Association’s Medical Practice Excellence Leaders Conference in Boston.

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