Steven Merahn, MD


The deductible reset: How to help patients navigate it

The new year's deductible reset period may offer providers a new opportunity to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship

Leon Dayries


Three common real estate mistakes physicians make

While there are many key concepts and strategies to be aware of prior to and during any lease or purchase negotiation, there are an equal or greater number of mistakes to avoid.

Betty Rabinowitz MD


Tips for keeping your practice safe and mitigating the spread of COVID-19

These three strategies can minimize the risks for both patients and staff.

Rick Clark


How to minimize ransomware attacks in healthcare

Ransomware is on the rise. What can healthcare organizations do to stop these hacks?

Deanna Larson


Telehealth’s untapped potential in rural America

Can telehealth solve rural health issues? Maybe. But only with a mindful approach.

Randy Tomlin


Four ways to reduce healthcare costs

The U.S. faces a tough road to get started.

Joseph M Geskey, DO, MBA


Severance agreements: What physicians need to know

Understanding non-compete clauses and other issues that physicians must confront in such agreements.

Steve Quach


How to prepare physicians to be leaders

Healthcare needs more clinician leaders, but they’re often not properly prepared for the job.

Amit Phull, MD


Healthcare trends for 2020

The pace of change is accelerating in ways that we haven’t seen before.  Here's some predictions for what’s coming our way.

Mark Claster


A financial and operational checkup for physicians

It’s critical that healthcare providers understand how to better prepare, operationally and financially, for the next outbreak.

Harold Bays, MD


Telehealth and patient management recommendations lead 2021 Obesity Algorithm updates

Since 2013, the Obesity Algorithm has undergone yearly updates to help healthcare professionals stay abreast of the latest developments in obesity medicine.

Dr. Thomas Tedeschi, Au.D.


Improving patient communication around hearing loss comorbidities

Prioritizing hearing can improve patient outcomes and healthcare savings.

Theresa Lewis


Improve population health efforts by mining the medical record

Four areas where physicians can use the EHR to propel population health efforts.

Parth Mehta, MD, MPH, FHM


Can we stop wasting the COVID-19 vaccine?

We must get our act together and carry out a nationwide vaccination campaign efficiently and smartly

Medical Economics


2022 Physician Report: Learn more about the physicians who took our survey

More than 1,000 physicians participated in the annual survey.

Don Richards


Rein in hidden billing costs

Where do hidden billing costs typically exist-and how can practice leaders more effectively rein them in? Here are four common blind spots?

Erin Kitchen


5 ways to encourage patients to leave positive reviews online

By enacting a few simple techniques, you can better ensure patients share and spread positive feedback of your practice.

Kyna Fong


More is less: The future of data-driven medicine

It’s not enough to send data. For data to have value, it needs to have purpose.

David Wyatt


Are you a high-performing practice?

Top revenue cycle management tips for maximum success.

Chuck Peck, M.D.


Solving physician burnout: The two keys

Health systems cannot impose a new order on physician communities. Attempting to do so without meaningful physician input will increase their sense of disenfranchisement and aggravate burnout.

Jesse Zheng


Improving quality and increasing star ratings

What you need to know to perform better on quality measures and get a higher rating.

Lucienne Marie Ide, MD, PhD


Future looks bright for enhancing care for underserved communities

CMS final rule supports reimbursement for remote patient monitoring by FQHCs and RHCs.

Mara Kaufman


Digital preparation for physicians in a time of crisis

Five considerations for physicians in the face of COVID-19.

Dan D’Orazio


How COVID-19 Is Changing Patients’ Perception of Healthcare

A new survey of 500 U.S. consumers by Sage Growth Partners and Black Book Market Research reveals how COVID-19 is significantly changing patients’ healthcare concerns and preferences.

Paula C. Brancato


Physician finances: What to do in these uncertain times

You don’t need a lecture about what to do and not to do with your money. What you need is a survival guide.

Alexis Edwards


Chronic Care Codes Offer Greater Flexibility and Payment in 2020

Here are the new CMS coding changes and ways to maximize reimbursement and care management efficiency.

Frank Gabrin, DO


Frank Gabrin's story: Discovering 'the heart of care'

Frank Gabrin, DO, passed away last week from COVID-19. In 2012, he wrote a heartfelt cover story for Medical Economics. Here it is.

Matt Dickson


Why hybrid care starts with the patient

A combo of in-person and virtual visits is here to stay.

Tim Costantino


4 tips to use technology to gain work-life balance

To take good care of patients, themselves, and loved ones, providers need to strike work-life balance.