Author | Richard E. Waltman, MD


Physicians are no longer the stars of healthcare

November 10, 2013


A reader argues that physicians have been increasingly pushed to the sidelines by other players in the healthcare game.

Waltman: I am a 'Medicare for all' advocate

July 25, 2012


Medical Economics editorial board member Richard W. Waltman, MD, shares his opinion about the Supreme Court Affordable Care Act ruling.

Caring for patients doesn't end in the office

July 10, 2012


Your care of a patient isn't limited to what happens within the four walls of your practice, a Medical Economics board member discovers.

Our Yellowstone adventure

June 10, 2012


A member of the Medical Economics Editorial Advisory Board details how his love of nature and his desire to give back opened the eyes of underprivileged children to the wonders of the National Parks--and opened his eyes to the joys of volunteering.