Your voice: Empowered patients - Are they just misinformed?

May 30, 2019
Medical Economics Journal, 0610, 2019 Edition, Volume 96, Issue 11

Our readers respond to recent articles.

Regarding your article about empowered patients (April 10, 2019 issue), I think you should change the title to over/misinformed patients.

Just because someone has access to all the medical information they can read does not mean they are qualified to interpret it. I would argue that patients are not even close to being qualified to interpret the glut of information and misinformation on the internet.

Even though I’m a family practice doctor I could very easily research airplane repair on the internet. Will you fly in my jet? I doubt it. The only thing I can say possibly about the “empowered patient” is that they are good for business. All their research always leads to a self-diagnosis of cancer-which brings them into my office for an accurate diagnosis. Long live the internet.

Lee Morgentaler, DO
Tappan, N.Y.

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