When is the Best Time to Book Summer Hotels?

How do you know if you snagged the best deal on a hotel room? It turns out, when you book has a lot to do with how much you save.

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How do you know if you snagged the best deal on a hotel room? A travel industry leader answered that question by asking me another question. “How do you know if you’re going to heaven? You don’t know for sure but you have faith,” he said.

To bolster our faith in getting a good hotel deal, TripAdvisor, an online booking site, analyzed bookings in nine popular regions and in 25 popular cities around the world for June, July, and August. The “best time to book” is when hotel prices are less than the average for that destination.

When is that? It depends. “The report shows there are a variety of time periods during the year when it’s ideal to book on TripAdvisor depending on the destination,” says Brooke Ferencsik, senior director of communications, TripAdvisor. And “less” doesn’t necessarily equal significant savings.

For the US, the analysis shows that reserving a room within two months of a summer trip nets you the best rate, but that fee translates to just 7% less than if you booked further ahead.

For European hotels in summer, start booking now. Reservations three to five months out can get you up to a 23% reduction in price. For a room in the Caribbean, book within four months and save 7%.

The Best Times to Book Hotels for Summer in Popular World Cities for Travel:

Bangkok — Within 3 months for 16% savings

Barcelona — 2-7 months out for 27% savings

Beijing — 2-6 months out for 16% savings

Berlin — 2-5 months out for 33% savings

Buenos Aires — 1-4 months out for 19% savings

Cancun — 2-4 months for 16% savings

Cape Town — Within 3 months for 13% savings

Dubai — Within 2 months for 40% savings

Dublin — 2-5 months out for 14% savings

Hanoi — Within 3 months for 16% savings

Istanbul — Within 5 months for 29% savings

Jakarta — Within 3 months for 39% savings

London — 3-5 months out for 18% savings

Marrakech — Within 4 months for 28% savings

Moscow — 4-7 months out for 55% savings

Mumbai — Within 3 months for 17% savings

New York City — 2-4 months out for 25% savings

Orlando — 1-4 months for 10% savings

Paris — Within 4 months for 32% savings

Prague — 2-5 months for 33% savings

Rio — 3-5 months out for 11% savings

Rome — 3-5 months for 32% savings

Singapore — 2 weeks to 5 months for 26% savings

Sydney — Within 5 months for 34% savings

Tokyo — 2-5 months for 31% savings

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